Isaac Help Again/alternator Noise!!!


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I got my Hifonics 5 ch amp hooked up,and it's producing a lot of alternator whine.Even with the radio off.What's the best way to fix???? Power wire and rcas are running on opposite sides of truck so I know that's not it.One other thing,I know a lot of guys on this forum don't like Hifonics,but my system sounds pretty good for stock door speakers and an off brand amp.Thanks agin in advance

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its not grounded correctly

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If your wirings are routed properly then you could have a ground loop. Check your HU's and amp's ground. One if not both could have a bad connection.
Does your HU have front and rear rcas? If so, that increases the chance of picking up engine/alternator noise.
One of the drawbacks of purchasing amps like Hifoncis/Sony/Boss/Pyle is the lack of circuitry built in that deal with noise. There is always a reason why something costs much less.
If you like Hifonics, then that's all that matters.


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When I install;

I run my own separate wires. This way I dont get interference from power wires that are used in tandem with other devices. Grounding is very important, just as power is important. In the old days we used to install noise supressors to reduce engine noise.

Also check to see that you have wired the permanent power wire to the battery and the back-up power lead or switchable power wire to a switchable source (this will activate your equipment only when the ignition is turned on).

It is recomended that your ground wire be as short as posible (18" or so).

That noise that you hear is actually distributor (engine coil) noise. The noise only comes on when the motor is running.

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Thanks Guys I had the amp installed at a shop.The groung wire was secured to the floor board with a self tapping screw and was loose.I moved it to a better location and it sounds better.The rest of the noise is probably from the inexpensive(cheap)amp and RCA that I purchased.Damn wofes and their budgets!!! Thanks again
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