Help tuning my ampisaac anyone?


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I ve an amp that puts out 185 watts rms x 2 and 2 rf P1 theyre 150 rms each I need to know how to set my amp so everythings right.Wont the speakers probly blow cause im giving them 185rms each..

i need to know where toset the bass freq. its from 30hz to 150hz

the hpf 50hz to 1khz

the lpf 30hz to 500hz

The gain i think someone told me not to go pass half way.

And the Subsonic filter 10hz to 100hz, i have a vented box if that helps any

i also have a kenwood equalizer i have that set at 70hz
the amp has a bass remote and a bass boost knob on the amp why does it have two.

If someone could please help me to make the perfect settings, thank you.


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Here's how to adjust your levels:

Get a CD with outrageous bass.

Start with all your levels all the way down. CD player volume, bass, crossover, and amp gain. Set your EQ to flat response (everything at 0)

Play the CD and turn the bass level from your CD player all the way up, and then proceed to increase the volume until the mids and highs reach their limit. This is your maximum total volume.

Now, you may adjust your bass volume (subs) separately without distorting your mids and highs.

Next, set the low pass frequency (LPF) filter on. This feature cuts off mids and highs and allows only bass to play through your subs. Set it at your desired frequency to below 80 Hz. Anything above that makes your subs sound punchy without deep throaty bass.

Next, set the bass boost on. This will increase your volume by a lot. You may have to turn down your CD player volume or start over. If the subs are too loud for your mids and highs, you will need to get a separate amp for your mids and highs or get ones that handle more power (or both).

Next, slowly turn your amp gain up till the woofers sound overloaded and distorted. Now, slightly turn the gain back down just enough to where the subs do not distort anymore.

If nothing distorted or blew up yet, you should be fine. You should have your perfect balance. Note: you may want to reduce the bass level if it is too loud compared to the mids and highs, but at least you are safe that you will not blow up your speakers.

The high pass frequency (HPF) filter, in this case, is for midrange speakers only, because it only goes to 1 kHz (tweeters start at 3 kHz).

The subsonic filter...? Hmmmmmmmmmmm ............... if this isn't an electronic crossover then this might be a filter that cuts off bass. It is used in sound stage setups where microphones get bumped, dropped, wind noise, or any other type of interference that will caused the microphone to be overloaded with bass. This feature cuts off the bass frequencies starting at 100 Hz and going downwards. I'm not sure if this is what you have or not. This is the only subsonic filter that I am aware of.

The vented box is just a design that allows a speaker to reproduce an extended bass range and increases bass at a predetermined tuned frequency. This is a predetermined feature by the size of the box and port size and length. You don't have to worry about this.

If it is safe to play your RF-P1's using an amp that produces 185 watts? The answers is yes, only if the bass, EQ, crossover, and bass boost levels are flat (0).

The difference between 150 watts and 185 watts is minimal. Most speakers (woofers only) get blown because of under-amplification.

This is because most amplifiers have a redline curve. Most amplifiers will distort, once you go beyond 70% of the total volume output. After that point, they will not produce clean power, but they in fact, will start to decline.

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Hey Lil Chris, what brand/model amp do you have?
If you're using the amp to power subs, then use the LPF and set it anywhere between 80Hz - 120Hz for "soft" bass. Anything higher will start giving you mid bass and part of midrange sounds.
The gain setting is not always at half way. It'll depend on your amp and your HU. Most HUs are 4v preout and most amps are 8v max. Therefore, in that situation, it is half way. Make sure you check your owner's manual.
Subsonic filter should be set around 20Hz - 25Hz.
Remote bass control is used to alter the bass response from your dashboard. Without it, you would have to manually adjust the bass boost on the amp everytime you wanted to adjust it.
DO NOT set the bass boost to max on the amp. It will have dramatic effect on your gain/level setting. In cheap amps, it'll overload the amp and cause clipping.

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I didnt wanna say what kind of amp i had since i wanted an answer and i didnt wanna get any crap from any one,all this is in my fiances car that's why i got a cheap amp. she'll either end up blowing them or getting her car stolen. this explains why i got that cheap amp. i dont have the manual since i bought it off a friend for 60 bucks.

Its a DHD 1500watts max bridged it puts out 528 wattsrms i know cause i checked it myself. it has two 30 amp fuses.right know i dont got them on brideged. i think is safe to run them at 185rms cause its a cheap amp.
the head unit is 2 volts
what about the bass freq. and the equalizer where do i set those at.
the hpf i leave at zero i guess cause im not running mids of it.
thanks for your help.

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If you don't have any manual, then you can start the gain/level half way. Older amps had 4v max.
When you say bass frequency, are you referring to LPF? If so, it should be set to 80Hz - 120Hz depending on your preference.
As for the equalizer, you said 70Hz. Can you explain a bit more? Is 70Hz one of the frequency band on the equalizer?
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