Will this amp work with these subs


I just bought 2 audiobahn 700 RMS 12" subwoofers. but it is dual voice coil. each coil puts out 350 rms. Does this mean that thay will blow up if i attach them to a 500 watt rms amplifier, or will the 500 rms be split into 250rms in one coil and 250rms in the other?

i am setting the subs up by running one wire from pos. of the amp and spliting it so it goes on 2 posative terminals on the subs and same witht he negative. If that helps, am i doing something wrong? HELP ME PLEASE

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The watts the amps puts out will be split between the subs. Are the subs DVC 4ohms. Also what amp are you hooking the sub to.

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The dual voice coils are only for flexability in wiring. You don't have to hook to both coils. One will do fine, and you'll still be getting power to the speaker. I don't believe hooking it up to both will have any performance enhancements. Shouldn't try. You can attach them to your amplifier fine. The 500 goes into 250, so even if you did use both coils, that's 125 warrs per coil, well in the range.

will the watts the sub puts out be split between the coils as well???, i have a 1000 watt rms amplifier and 2audiobahn 700 RMS 12" subwoofers. but what i want to know is will the 350watt rms per voice coil of the sub (the sub has two voice coils) be getting 500 watts to each voice coil or 250, because it is split? If that makes any sense


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Yes...it will split.

If you have 2 DVC subs and a 1000wrms amp then each sub will "see" 500w. And each coil will "see" 250w.
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