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Most Powerful Amp at around 400-550$$nelson1
Glasswolf amp questionnnnnick b.1
Whats better sony xplod or rockford fosgatetaylor174
DHD NTX-3107 Die Hard SeriesCory B1
Wiring Questions, what size wires should I buy? Kickey 15 L& Audio...Cory B2
MTX....MXA4002 or Audiobahn A8002TIsaac4
What size speaker wires for 2ohm operation?LouieV4
Fill me inGlassWolf2
Need help selecting settings for my amps please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GlassWolf5
How to bridge a 2Ch amp to two subs running at 2ohms?LouieV6
Nitro vs Xploidxxmdfmkxx2
Components, 6.5 speakers, capacitor & multi amp wiring questions......Isaac9
How to power my subsLouieV2
JL Audio H/O alternator?Roger O4
What size amps?Jeff Richards1
Low, high or fullJohn Smith2
How do i wire 2 alpine type X 12's down to one ohm on my ampmm59
How to HOOK up amp to sub?kn75
Would a Phoenix Gold R30.0:1 mono amp rated at 3000watts rms at 2 o...nelson1
WHAT AMP Audiobahn AW1508TJonathan3
A GOOD .5ohm stable amp that will take to alpine type x's to the ma...nelson11
Newbie amplifier questiontaylor1711
Amp protection coming straight onIsaac15
JBL Amp HelpChevelle693
Amplifier Wiring ProblemsGlenCox3
Recomendations for amp that puts out 1000WX2RMS at 2ohms??nelson4
2 ch or 4 ch amp?LouieV16
Jbl px300.4dummy1
System finally installed..Don Ullrich5
Just ordered an Audiobahn A8000TIsaac11
Dual 6 ohm Subs to my Rockford amp? help!!chris1213451
Got a problem, newb tryin to daisy chain to ampsGlassWolf2
Subsonic Filter on AmplifierGlassWolf6
Basic blueprint of an amp.GlassWolf2
Profile amps any good, how bout U.S. AmpsGlassWolf6
JBL GTO 6000 wiring diagramsAndrew Perriam1
Need help with ampRob3153
Amp to factory cd player?chris1234564
Kicker kx200.2 questionIsaac2
Amplifier gain questionBriCU12
Kicker kx1200.1 ???GlassWolf8
I need a cheap 900w sub amp if ypu can helpSean R2
Xtreme amps any1 ever heared of themdustin pettit9
Capacitor fuse blowingIsaac2
Enough power??Isaac3
REM wire radiusIsaac2
I need major helpadam perry8
PPI PCX4125 vs Orion HCCA 250G4Isaac1
Help, please!Robert Gaines17
Alpine 9813 Question GlasswolfRob3153
Alpine mrp-F240 VS JBL GTO 4000 Rob3152
Mono 1ohm stable amp reccomendationmorphine7
Amp Gains w/ HU w/1 Pre-OutJeremyC9
Which amp 2 get ?joe johnson1
Freezing weather + audio equipment = ????taylor179
After Amp was installed, weird sub problemxxmdfmkxx1
NEED HELP QUICK!!! SOOOO Confused!Alina Sziler18
Sony XplodeIsaac8
Feelings for SPL products??Anonymous9
Need advicerunt-hunter1
A good 1600 watt amp around $150JeremyC13
Mono or 2 channelsJeremyC6
Anybody help me plzChris2
Need help getting right amp.Isaac3
Hey GlassIsaac2
Alpine mrv-450 questionOleg Ni2
Which amp to power one adire shiva?Oleg Ni10
Any one to install system in DALLAS, TX?? sachin soni7
2 Alpine Type X 12's what amp can i get to match itnelson7
Best amp for components JeremyC5
New to car amp installations, newb with few questions.Bob Bailey3
In need of help for ampOleg Ni6
Which amp would be "perfect" ?Oleg Ni5
Good how to Fiberglass site or refference manualJeremyC2
Berkely Audio Amplifier (Any one heard of this brand)Frederick Tay1
Fuse sizeGlassWolf2
Fuse sizeadam perry1
Amp goes on and off.Stan Wojtalewicz5 more quick question please!Stan Wojtalewicz3
What amp for 3 JL w3s?James Longo6
Glass or anyone else problem with fosgate ampGlassWolf6
If an amp is 2 ohm stable is it 3 ohm stable also?GlassWolf3
Is it an upgrade?Dan K5
Charging capacitor ???Chris2
An amp inquiry.Hunter Warren12
Arc Audio 4150 CXLRDave Kan1
Glass - GlassWolf2
Voice CoilsGlassWolf6
Quick newbie amp q...GlassWolf10
Question on amp settingsKrijgy3
Having trouble deciding on an ampGlassWolf2
Size fuseGlassWolf2
Which amp would i need for two 15 in power acoustik fbx-15 subsGlassWolf3
What is a good amp that has 1800 or 1600 for 1600 rms subs at 4 0hmsGlassWolf2
Which amp would i need for two 15 in power acoustik fbx-15 substimjamestabor1
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