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if all i am running are 2 subwoffers would it make a differance if i was running a mono amp that had about 600 rms or if i was using a 2 channel amp with each channel about 300 rms if the subs that i am using are alpine 1221D 300 rms subs?

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No difference. The mono amp will work less so better in the long runn.

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Mono amps are ussualy for just subs right? But why do they work better in the long run if they push out the most power? Will it be cleaner?

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Mono amps are for subs. There is no advantage of a mono vs stereo when it comes to sound. However, there are different types of amps. Class D are for subs, class AB can be used for full range and subs.

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yeh and youre better off running class d amps if youre running a low ampere charging system. Class AB tends to take more power to run than class D's. I think its something like 20% amps more than clas D

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Class A/B is about 60% effeciant, and class D is about 80% effeciant. However as I saac said you only want to use class D for subs. The way it amplifies the music is diffrent than a class A/B. This diffrence in methods, is why a class D introduces alot of distortion which is very easy to hear on mids and highs. However it isn't near as noticable on subs.
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