JL Audio H/O alternator?


I am a proud owner of a 1995 honda accord. I have always wanted a system that would blow all my collage buddys systems away, so I decided to go with JL Audio. The system will contain (two 13 inch w7's) and (two 1000/1 JL amps) that will push the subs, along with a (100x4 amp) to run my components. I have heard this system once at a car show, and it was unbeliveable. I was told that I will need a high output alternator to run the three amps. Does anyone know what sise alternator I need for all that power? Because the biggest one that I could find was 150 amp alternator. so I will do what ever I have to do to my car to allow my car to power the amps, but I'm not sure what else I will need to support that much power? I will appreciate any feedback from anyone! THANK YOU!!!

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check ebay
I see honda 200A alternators there pretty often.
and Ohio Generator are your three best bets for a custom built one.
each 10000/1 can draw about 140A of current at peak output, and the 400 watt amp will draw around 50A itself.
Now that's at peak output. at normal to even loud levels, you shouldn't use that much power so the 200A alternator should hold the fort just fine.
what you will want to also consider is adding one or two deep cycle batteries on an isolator in the trunk to handle extended system use when the engine is off. you'll already be using 0ga cable anyway so you may as well lay it all out right from the start and do it properly.

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yeah anon take glasswolf's advice and check out www.4alterstart.com they just came out with some 170amp alternators for the civic. i found them on ebay. type in "civic alternator". i dont know if its cheaper on ebay or their website but as soon as i find out im ordering mine.=)

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damn. my bad. i dont know why i typed civic in there. yeah the highest i see for an accord your year is 150.
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