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Do u have bin files for converted FLU pansat 2700?Nalin Nyda2
Question for zulu about agg geo channel..sada3
Recent DN changessada5
Anyone know a website where I can watch ESPN2 (Austalian Open)?...bane j6
Help please...Paul13
CS released about 7 hrs agoEdmund Kan8
What is my receiver nowNalin Nyda5
Is there any pansan clone bin is working for the localslucky3
What is my receiver nowLucia.3
VS Ultra 2000 helpMad Flea22
Does this make any senseagm1
New to Viewsat PVR!!!! Need helpMad Flea18
Telstar 5 helpPaul Waiz2
Ariza 700 - BEVBurnaby Henry14
Koolsat files are out CB13
Need help converting back to original fortec Nalin Nyda14
Pansat 2500 to 2700 is down....which bins?vik damone14
Old binsPaul2
Missing channelsBooyakashaZuloo5
What STB's are still up for Charlie' s Jan 23rd ECM???Nalin Nyda13
DN is downeladio oliveros40
Lowest price for HD FTA boxRTAP3
What happen to disheladio oliveros5
No signal with pansat 3500sd with bev disheladio oliveros7
Sv4000 working fine without VO 195 !pappu k6
Viewsat ultra2 or sonicview 4000pappu k2
Freezing UltraStephane12
Is BEV DOWN in VS ULTRA?Albert Einstein4
VSUltra help please... Ken20
Need waffles invite or stmusic invite pleasedickfoil3
File for Clone pansat 2700Nalin Nyda7
NalinNalin Nyda2
What bin for pansat 2700 clone not 2500 to2700?Nalin Nyda8
Bin for pansat 3000Albert Einstein5
BUZZ 2010 (Conversion)The Smart 1!14
Pak vs Zim The Smart 1!7
New nfusionsada15
Bin for pansat 3000RTAP2
How to Enter Provider IDMad Flea4 it's enoughtPlymouth17
ESPN deportas ( spanish espn)devin1
How to set a motorized dish to get the maximum of satellitesPlymouth27
Please help...Nalin Nyda7
Is BEV down for pansat ?Nalin Nyda3
Loading problem with fortec life time ultra Nalin Nyda8
Recording using Direct TV Tivo / HDVR2Mad Flea2
CS_241_Lightning and jvvh_241Nalin Nyda36
Wich bins is working for pansat ???Nalin Nyda7
Anyone getting DN HD with TT s2-3200 dvb cardSemore Butts2
Neosat 2000 are they any good ?terry1
Can I get DN & BEV channels through one receiver ?Mad Flea12
What happened to Globecast?zezator cemerika2
Testing to see if the site is back to normal.Nalin Nyda3
20/20 Aus vs ind.d s4
Help me /?????chash lincon24
All Pansat fixes - 01-21-08Nalin Nyda7
New bins for vs&sv 01-08-22 are out Albert Einstein3
How to bring back to life a pansat 2700A?Billy Veillette3
USB to serial Help plz!sada2
Captiveworks cw600sv w/1.62 bin working??bruce l2
Best Place To Buy Viewsat Ultra ?Ken8
Keys for 09/07blueash8
Best TV for FTAKing Sat-Man42
ART globallava boy1
Please help .. will Direct TV (dish) receive dishnetwork signal ? ...Jayson3
Jtag question--I'm curious--enquiring minds want to knowJoe4
NFUSION Help PleaseRocky5
Question about HD programmingJayson10
Please help .. I need new BIN for VS Ultra (dn) bruce l5
Where went wrong?Semore Butts16
Scanning Bell on a pansat 2700 clonekenroy sutherland1
Since Bev is up today, does that mean DN will be down tomorrow?Jayson7
VS ULTRA fix is outlakh3
Channel masterTHE FTA TESTER3
118.7 channel scanning issues ---Mad Flea8
VS Pro and XMad Flea3
Factory bin for megasat vt6688Mad Flea2
Pansat 2700a Not Working Help PleeezeeJulie White2
BEV Down on all receiversAlbert Einstein49
CS 5000 USE BIN 157 CoolSatFV38
CS 5000 out Bin 161CoolSatFV5
NORW 161 BinCoolSatFV4
Viewsat ultra works greathanibal539
Help with Fortec Lifetime UltraP Gomes10
Old bin for vsplatdana keddy1
Pansat 2700 - Up on DN withPierre1
Who has tried cw 700s ?Pukka1
What BIN for Pansat 2500 converted to 2700 ?Nalin Nyda14
Bev up on pansat 2500 to 2700Nalin Nyda9
Ho hum..bev down what else is new?bruce l5
FTAHQ not the only one with stolen dataNalin Nyda1
C00lsat 4 5 and 6000 filezcheap sunglasses1
Pansat 2700A Need helpJonEBgood11
Dn& bevNalin Nyda2
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