118.7 channel scanning issues ---


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I just had 118.7 installed today and I am not picking up all the International channels...I pick up a few but a bunch of them dont scan...I have tried manual scan and not sure why its not working...I added Anik F3/118 to my list of satellites and did a scan it picks up a few but not all...any help will be appreicated!

Thanks and CHEERS!

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as for my past experiences, you will probably need to do a minor adjustment to your antenna. when you add the tp to your sat and don't see any signal there, you probably not gonna get it.

it took me a while to get the signals in and the channels scanned, but now I am encounter auto rolling on 118, and do not take me wrong on this, my 119/110 is working fine.

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If yo meet ALL of the following requirements for 118:
- 30" dish or super dish
- Correct ONE Universal Circular LNB for 118/119
- Receiving both 110/119 with correct bin

All yo need to receive 118 Is:
- To enter each TP manually followed by ch scan
- OR yo may enter first tp 11715/V/20000/7&8 followed by blind scan
- Be sure correct LNB freq 10600 or close (in antenna setup)
- Keep an eye on frequency span as it scans i.e. 11700 to 12700 KHz

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king, thanx for helping getting the 118, but the new problem, please help.

check the pics


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king, never mind, I got it resolved. still many thanx.

what it worked for me is a little bit different than what you guys offered, but without that start, will never able to get achieved.


the link is to the problem I encountered with 118.7, hope it may do some help for you.

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Thank you guys...I'll give this a shot today!

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i have pansat 3500sd and supurdis i got signal from univarsal anikf3 i scann it i got some all of them 119 channel but not international channels
plzz help me

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you need to search the forum, there are a lot of this issue been asked.

there are many different ways of setting due to different people equipment situation.

you can check the link on my post above, that was my scenario, perhaps that can give you a start.

good luck.
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