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The Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K Laser Projector Turns Up The Brightness

Sony isn’t pushing 8K video projectors, but its latest 4K projector, the VPL-GTZ380 is probably the brightest projector available for home theater so far.

Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K Laser Projector Front

Sony has lifted the curtain on its latest flagship home theater video projector, the Sony VPL-GTZ380. Taking cues from its previous long-running flagship, the VPL-VW5000ES, Sony has once again raised its video projector performance level. 

What makes the VLP-GTZ380 so newsworthy is that even though it doesn’t match the 8K resolution of JVC’s latest high-end projectors, it pushes out an amazing 10,000 Lumens of peak brightness while maintaining a wide DCI-P3 color gamut. This means that it can project an image as bright as some high-end TVs. You don’t need a dark room for this one!

However, just because this projector can output lots of light doesn’t mean it automatically looks good. Let’s check out some other things that reside under the hood that complement its light output performance.  

Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K Laser Projector Angle
Sony VPL-GTZ380

Key Features

3-Chip SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display). LCD chips are placed on top of a reflective surface. There are separate LCD chips for red, green, and blue primary colors.

NOTE: SXRD is Sony’s brand trademark for LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology. JVC uses the brand trademark D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light  Amplification).

Native 4K Resolution: Consumer 4K is referred to as UHD or Ultra HD and totals 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160) on the display surface. On Sony 4K projectors, the pixel count on each of the three (red, green, blue) SXRD chips is 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160). This is the same standard used in 4K projection in commercial cinemas 4K. All UHD 4K content (such as Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K streaming sources) gets a slight boost to that extra 500,000-pixel count. Unlike many other brands, Sony doesn’t use pixel-shifting to project 4K-like images onto a screen.

Laser Light Source: Instead of a lamp, a blue laser diode is combined with a yellow phosphor wheel. A portion of the laser-generated blue light passes through, while the rest hits the yellow phosphor wheel which creates red and green light. The laser light source provides up to 20,000 use hours of life as it doesn’t require periodic replacement, unlike traditional projectors. 

X1 Video Processor for Projectors: The Sony VPL-GTZ380 incorporates a variation of the X1 processor used in select high-end Sony TVs. This enables the projector to provide exceptional video upscaling, detail enhancement, and video noise reduction when needed. The X1 processor also performs Dynamic HDR enhancement (Tone Mapping). This process fine-tunes the contrast and brightness of HDR content in accordance with the projector’s light output capabilities. 

Object Super Resolution: Not everything needs to be enhanced in each frame of video, but there may be certain objects in the frame that need “touch-up”. Sony’s Object Super Resolution analyzes each frame and finds objects that need extra attention. 

Digital Focus Optimizer: In addition to its precision lens assembly, the optical focus is additionally supported digitally. The digital component analyzes the optically focused image and makes precise tweaks where needed in parts of the image.

TIP: The VPL- GTZ380 provides motorized zoom and focus as well as manual lens shift. 

HDMI: Two HDMI inputs are provided with 4K resolution, 18Gps transfer rate, and HDR10/HLG support.

More Information, Pricing, and Availability

Dig deeper into the features and specifications of the VPL-GTZ380 4K Laser Projector. 

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The capabilities of this projector don’t come cheap. If you want one, you are going to need to shell out about $80,000. The VPL-GTZ380 is available via special order from authorized Sony ES/Premium Home Entertainment dealers

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