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Sony URX-P41D Wireless Microphone Enhance Podcast Recording

Sony adds to its UWP-D wireless microphone product line with the Sony URX-P41D Receiver and UWP-D27 wireless microphone package.

Sony URX-P41D Wireless Microphone Mounted on Camera

When you are tasked to do a live video recording of an event, performance, or video cast, using the built-in microphone in your camera or camcorder just doesn’t quite cut it.

To get satisfactory results, it’s best to use a good wireless microphone paired with a good transmitter and receiver to capture the audio. If you use compatible Sony XDCams or Alpha Series Interchangeable Lens Cameras, the 4th Generation UWP-D wireless microphone product line might be just the ticket. 


Sony URX-P41D Wireless Microphone

The URX-P41 is a two-channel portable audio receiver, that is designed to work with Sony’s XDCAMs, Alpha Interchangeable lens cameras, and select Cinema Line Cameras.

Digital Audio Interface

The URX-P41 incorporates Sony Digital Audio Processing and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to improve audio quality as the distance between the microphone/transmitter varies. In addition, transient response is improved with provides for better audio quality for interview settings.

When using Sony’s SMAD-P5 Shoe Adapter, direct audio recording is possible as the D/A and A/D conversion steps are eliminated. In addition, audio status information is fed to the Camcorder/Camera viewfinder (if compatible).


Tip: The URX-P41 also has an OLED status display.

NFC Sync Function

The feature allows the receiver to lock to the microphone transmission frequency more precisely, similar to the way you can pair a smartphone and Bluetooth speaker. After the initial pairing, all you have to do is touch the transmitter and receiver to resync if needed. 

For additional lock on the NFC pairing function finds the two best channels available. 

Stable RF Reception

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In addition to its precision pairing capability, the URX-P41D has two adjustable antennas to improve signal reception. 

The URX-P41D uses analog UHF in the following transmission bands:

  • 470.125 to 541.875 MHz
  • 536.125 to 607.875 MHz
  • 941.625 to 951.875 MHz

Compact Form Factor

The URX-P41D is smaller than previous versions allowing it to sit on top of the camcorder/camera attached to an MI shoe without exaggerated physical balance issues. This makes it easier to hold the camcorder/camera for long periods of time.

External Microphone Input and Mixing Function

In addition to wireless microphones, the URX-P41D also has an input for a wired microphone, should that be needed. 3 and 4 channel audio recording is supported, depending on the microphone configuration.

Tip: A Headphone output is also provided. 

Sony URX-P41D Wireless Microphone Connections

On-Location Audio Settings

The URX-P41D includes an Auto Gain Mode and Output Level control to make sure that your on-location audio is correct. This includes minimizing distortion while maintaining satisfactory audio levels.


You can use two AA batteries (alkaline or NiMH rechargeable). The run time with a full charge is up to 4 1/2 hours. It can also be powered via USB when available.


Sony URX-P41D Wireless Microphone Pair

Although the URX-P41D is compatible with other products in Sony’s UWP wireless microphone series, they suggest getting the UWD-D27 wireless microphone kit. The kit comes with 2 microphones, 2 UTX-B40 Bodypack Transmitters, and the URX-P41D receiver. You have to supply your own camera or camcorder of course. 

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Availability and Pricing

The URX-P41D ($679.99) and UWP-D27  ($1,299.99) are available through authorized Sony Dealers.

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