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Two Preamp/Processors Join Classe Audios New Delta Series

Montreal, Canada–Dec. 2004–Two new audio-video preamp/processors today join the Delta line from Canada’s Classe Audio, the Quebec maker known for its world-standard component designs for high-end audio and home theater systems. The SSP-600 and SSP-300 are highly refined, multichannel AV preamplifier/processors that combine powerful video processing and routing with sophisticated audio reproduction, including the full array of Dolby Digital and DTS multichannel modes.

The SSP-600 and SSP-300 are differentiated principally by the SSP-600’s fully balanced-audio design. A balanced input pair with analog volume control and an array of 8 XLR balanced-out jacks for 7.1-channel connection to compatible amplifiers, offers the ultimate in audio integrity. Both models provide 7.1-channels of single-ended outputs using RCA connectors. Both new Classe pre/pros also highlight the Delta range’s hallmark of TFT color touchscreen displays, smoothly set into their elegantly radiused extruded-aluminum front panel. These deliver the most user-friendly, self-prompting user interface found in high-end audio and home theater today, seamlessly combining touch-controls with a full color display.

The new Classe designs also share a powerful digital signal-processing engine that delivers exceptionally accurate, detailed, and dynamic multichannel decoding from every important format.

With the full range of Dolby Digital and DTS modes, all integrated with THX Ultra2 processing, Classe’s exceptional quality is now available to virtually every discrete-multichannel format. The new pre/pros also deliver Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo:6 movies and music modes for outstanding performance from two-channel sources.

Classe’s extremely accurate digital-to-analog decoding and refined analog-output circuit sections ensure that the maximum of resolution, detail, and spatial fidelity will be preserved from every program, whether TV or movie soundtrack, multichannel music, or treasured stereo recordings. And Classe has attended equal care on the SSP-600 and SSP-300 video capabilities. Both share meticulous video-signal designs that boast exceptionally wide, accurate bandwidth and maintain robust, stable signal levels to ensure optimal quality with the full range of displays and inputs available today. Each offers three wideband component-video inputs with component monitor-output, as well as a generous array of S-Video (five) and composite (four) paths. What’s more, the SSP-300 and SSP-600 offer the invaluable utility of digital-domain video-format conversion, greatly increasing the flexibility of system setup and switching options. Each is supplied with a powerful and flexible IR remote controller.

The SSP-300 and SSP-600 AV preamp/processors are manufactured by Classe at its Montreal, Quebec facilities, employing the finest materials and most sophisticated digital and analog components available. Their striking, machined-aluminum chassis and touchscreen front panels are representative of the extreme care and refinement common to all Classe designs.

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The Classe SSP-300 and SSP-600 will be available in North America beginning December, at manufacturer’s suggest prices of $4,500, and $6,500 (US) respectively.

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