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Integrated Amps & Stereo Receivers

Classe Audios Delta Range Bows Preamp, Integrated Amplifier

Montreal, Canada–Aug. 2004–Among the eight components that introduce Classe Audio’s stunning new Delta lineup are a stereo preamplifier and integrated amp. Both feature the remarkably simple and usable touchscreen interface destined to become the hallmark of the Canadian maker’s newest line, as well as the dramatic new look developed by famed industrial designer Morten Warren’s Native Design Studio.

Classe’s Delta-series CAP-2100 integrated amp and CP-500 are functionally similar save for the former’s on-board 100 watts-per-channel stereo amplification, derived from the new CA-2100 stereo power amplifier (see accompanying amplifier release). Consequently, each unit features a TFT color touchscreen display smoothly integrated into its elegantly curving front panel, for the ultimate in simple, intuitive, ergonomics: When the control-label is the control, operation becomes as direct and logical as can be imagined.

While their ergonomic excellence is unparalleled, the CAP-2100 and CP-500’s sonic qualities are equally noteworthy.

Both rely on Classe’s famously obsessive critical auditioning in selecting components, circuit topologies, and even board layouts, to achieve sonic transparency and musical finesse rivaling components of vastly higher costs; both also feature the firm’s characteristic stable, noise-free power-supply designs to ensure dynamic purity and freedom from circuit-group interactions. The Delta-series integrated amp and stereo preamp also both employ Classe’s own fully balanced circuit topologies and accommodate both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) signal-connections.

The CAP-2100 integrated amp’s 2×100-watt amplifier section incorporates the well-established Classe amplifier virtues of enormous current reserves (its power doubles to 200 watts per channel with 4? loads) and massive, ultra-stable power supplies, as well as Classe’s unique amp-monitoring circuitry. This circuitry continuously observes incoming AC voltage, current, and polarity, ground condition, heatsink and ambient chassis temperatures and more, assuring reliable operation without intrusion into any signal-path circuit, and without requiring sonics-restricting fuses. If necessary, the CAP-2100 simply shuts down, otherwise assuring the listener of absolutely pure, unimpeded reproduction.

Like all of Classe’s Delta line, both the CAP-2100 integrated amplifier and the CP-500 stereo preamplifier provide system integration via IR-signaling, DC-trigger, or bi-directional RS-232 control, for the ultimate in flexibility. The CAP-2100 and CP-500 are available in North America at manufacturer’s suggested prices of $4,900 (CAP-2100 integrated amp) and $3,500 (CP-500 stereo preamplifier).

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