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TAD Labs Releases Reference Series TAD-C700 Preamp

At $68,500 the TAD-C700 Reference Series Preamplifier includes a 400 VA power supply with a toroidal transformer.

TAD C700 Preamplifier with Power Supply

When TAD (Technical Audio Devices) Labs decides to release a new product, they expect it to be around for quite a while. 

For example, TAD released their Reference C600 Preamplifier in 2011 which seems to have served TAD dealers and customers well for over a decade. The award-winning unit is finally being replaced at High End Munich 2024 with the introduction of the Reference TAD-C700 Preamplifier

The new TAD-C700 incorporates several technical refinements and enhancements to achieve a new level of performance.

TAD LABS Reference C700 Preamp Front View

TAD-C700 Core Features

Immaculate Preamplification Circuit: The TAD-C700 incorporates a single-stage current-feedback amplifier. The minimal use of amplifying elements enables the C700 to reproduce nuances precisely in the music content. A dedicated output amplifier circuit is also provided to each of the two line outputs to prevent signal branching and interference from connected equipment. This also helps to preserve sound quality.

Balanced Circuitry and Dual-Mono Design/Construction: Using fully balanced circuitry, the C700 amplifies positive and negative signal waveforms individually from input to output. This serves to suppress the smallest amplification errors between positive and negative signals and right and left channels. The wire length and supporting parts are identical between positive and negative signal paths and between both channels, achieving an ideal signal path from input to output. In addition, dual-mono circuitry supports maximum symmetry to provide identical amplification, both electrically and mechanically, to positive and negative signals and both channels. 

TAD LABS Reference C700 Preamp Inside View

Outboard Power Supply: The C700’s power supply is a separate unit that connects to the preamp section via a provided cable. Separating the Power Supply from the Preamp prevents vibration and magnetic flux leakage from the transformer from affecting the mechanical sections and audio circuits of the Preamp.

To ensure power purity, the internal coil of the transformer is directly connected to the power supply circuit, minimizing the contact points with leading wires. Terminals for directly connected coils, mounting terminals for motherboards, and clamping screws are all made of oxygen-free copper coated with nonmagnetic materials. This helps to eliminate magnetic distortion.

TAD LABS Reference C700 Preamp Power Supply

A toroidal transformer with a 400 VA power rating powers the audio circuit to achieve greater signal transition performance. The power supply is housed in a rigid cast-aluminum monocoque chassis to further suppress unwanted vibrations.

Vibration-Suppressing Design: The C700’s main amplifier circuit is mounted on a sturdy 33-mm-thick sub-chassis weighing 15 kg, made from pure aluminum ingots, to achieve outstanding vibration control that minimizes the effect of vibrations from speakers. The use of pure aluminum ingots provides a stable, low-impedance ground path, contributing to the high-purity reproduction of music.

TAD Custom-Made Parts: The custom-made electronic volume control circuit boasts ladder-resistance switching that is designed to provide precise attenuation with an ultra-low distortion of less than 0.0005% at 1 Vrms input. In addition, the power circuit employs TAD’s custom-made electrolytic smoothing capacitors, as well as large-capacity, ultra-low-distortion film output coupling capacitors to achieve a wider low cut-off frequency range.

TAD C700 Internal Circuit Board

Synchronous Control of Multiple C700s: A master C700 can control several slave C700s connected to its MASTER OUT jack. This enables two or more C700s to provide a dual-mono configuration for monaural power amplifiers or to deliver three-or- or more-channel sound reproduction.

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Recording Output and Pass-Through Mode: The C700 is equipped with a dedicated recording output. It also has a pass-through mode that outputs input signals from a pre-out jack without changing the signal level. The C700 does not have a monitor switch. Not having a monitor switch eliminates switching elements negatively affecting sound quality.

TAD C700 Preamplifier Rear


C700 C600 
Release Year20242011
Input Terminals4 x Balanced 
2 x Unbalanced 
3 x Balanced
3 x Unbalanced
Output Terminals2 x Balanced
2 x Unbalanced
2 x Balanced output
2 x Unbalanced 
Output Terminals (Record)1 x  Balanced
1 x Unbalanced
1 x  Balanced
1 x Unbalanced
Rated Output Voltage Balanced: 1.5 VUnbalanced: 0.75 VBalanced: 1.5 VUnbalanced: 0.75 V
Maximum Output VoltageBalanced: 20 Vrms; Unbalanced: 10 VrmsBalanced: 20 Vrms; Unbalanced: 10 Vrms
Input ImpedanceBalanced: 100 kΩ; Unbalanced : 50 kΩNot Provided
Rated Distortion (THD)Not Provided0.0015% (balanced output, 1.6V, 1kHz)
S/N Ratio120 dB120 dB 
Frequency Response (- 1dB)10 Hz – 100 kHz10 Hz~100
GainNot Provided12dB
Maximum Allowable Input Voltage (-40dB)Not Provided20V (balanced), 10V (unbalanced)
Power Supply VoltageAC 120 V
60 Hz (USA)
AC 220 V to 240 V
50 Hz /60 Hz (Europe, Asia)
AC 120 V
60 Hz (USA)
AC 220 V to 240 V
50 Hz /60 Hz (Europe, Asia)
Power Consumption52 W52W
Power Consumption (Standby)0.5 W or less0.5 W or less
Dimensions WHD (Preamp Section)450 x 150 x 440 mm
(17.7 x 5.9 x 17.3 inches)
450 x 150 x 440 mm
(17.7 x 5.9 x 17.3 inches)
Dimensions WHD (Power Supply Section)220 x 185 x 430 mm
(8.7 x 7.28 x 16.9 inches)
220 x 185 x 430 mm
(8.7 x 7.28 x 16.9 inches)
Weight (Preamp Section)29.0 kg/63 lbs 14 oz29.0 kg/63 lbs 14 oz
Weight (Power Supply Section)15.0 kg/33 lbs15.0 kg/33 lbs
TAD Remote CXF4096

Price & Availability

The TAD-C700 will be available to purchase through select dealers starting June 2024 for $68,500 (USD) / $94,500 (CAD).

Tip: If the TAD-C700 is out of your price range, but you still crave owning a preamp from TAD, check out the TAD-C1000 Evolution Series Preamp for only $25,000 (US).

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