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Panasonic Viera LED LCD HDTVs for 2013

Panasonic DT60 LED HDTV - Front

Panasonic unveiled their 2013 lineup of VIERA LCD HDTVs, all of which are LED backlit. The new line-up include 16 models with screen sizes ranging from 32 to 65-inches. Panasonic’s enhanced IPS Panel technology deliver a wide viewing angle with almost no picture degradation, improved contrast ratio with finer local dimming control, and reduced motion blur.

The 2013 Smart VIERA LED/LCD line-up features:

  • My Home Screen – a personalization function that allows each user in the home to create their own personal home screen giving them quick access to their favorite content. (2013 VIERA WT60, DT60, ET60, and E60 Series)
  • Swipe & Share 2.0 – a connectivity enhancement that transforms the TV into a hub for streaming and sharing photo and video content seamlessly with Smartphone and Tablet devices. Through Panasonic’s proprietary VIERA Connect platform, users can transfer personal photos and videos from their Android or iOS devices directly to the large screen with a simple swipe of the finger and transfer them back to their smart devices the same way. Swipe & Share also enables sharing of user-generated photos and videos that are on the large screen with other Android or iOS devices. (2013 VIERA WT60, DT60, ET60, and E60 Series)
  • Voice Guidance – an accessibility function that uses text to speech functions to verbalize text content as it appears on your TV.  (2013 VIERA WT60, DT60, ET60, and E60 Series)
  • Voice Interaction — by simply saying a key word into the Smart VIERA Touch Pad Controller or Smartphone (VIERA Remote 2 App must be installed), the search result is displayed on the VIERA HDTV screen and also verbally read out. (2013 VIERA WT60 and DT60 Series)
  • Energy Savings —  new and improved high efficient LED/LCD panels reduce power consumption up to 15%. Panasonic’s new LED/LCD models are Energy Star 6.0 certified. (except the VIERA 50-inch class and 39-inch class B6 Series models).

WT60 Series
The WT60 series is the FULL HD 3D, IPS LED LCD flagship series and is available in two screen sizes – the TC-L47WT60, 47-inch class and the TC-L55WT60, 55-inch class.

Panasonic TC-L55WT60

The WT60 is equipped with 1080p resolution and a wide viewing angle. The 2D-3D conversion, transforms 2D content to 3D Images in real-time, and local dimming and Clear Panel Pro further enhance picture quality. The models feature three HDMI ports, allowing for 3D video and audio features. In addition, the panel’s backlight scanning utilizes 4200 BLS technology, which provides a clearer picture to enjoy fast-moving scenes. The WT60 also features Panasonic’s first-ever built in camera for enhanced connectivity with VIERA Connect apps and technologies.

The WT60 Series features a minimalist approach to aesthetics that is encompassed by a clear pedestal with an elegant metal bezel and is equipped with VIERA Connect, My Home Screen, Swipe and Share 2.0, and Voice Interaction / Guidance. The WT60 Series also features ISFccc Calibration Mode with Advanced Calibration. Calibrators adjust the detailed picture setting with the calibration software (CALMAN™ ) provided by SpectraCal Inc.

DT60 Series
The DT60 series includes two screen sizes – the TC-L55DT60, 55-inch class and TC-L60DT60, 60-inch class.

Panasonic DT60

The series achieves the ultimate in advanced design with a stunning display.  The DT60 series produces a clear viewing experience at virtually any angle with 1080p FULL HD resolution and a 178 degree wide viewing angle.  The DT60 Series is equipped with enhanced connectivity features, including VIERA Connect, My Home Screen, Swipe and Share 2.0, Voice Interaction /Recognition, with three HDMI and three USB ports, and a Dual Core with Hexa Processing Engine.  In addition, the 55-inch class model’s backlight scanning utilizes up to 1920 BLS technology while the 60-inch class model utilizes up to 1200 BLS.

ET60 Series
The TC-L50ET60, 50-inch class and TC-L55ET60, 55-inch class comprise the ET60 series of FULL HD 3D IPS LED LCD TVs.

Panasonic ET60

The ET60 models include 1080p FULL HD resolution and 2D-3D conversion for pristine picture quality.  The ET60 series features VIERA ConnectTM, My Home Screen, built In Wireless LAN, Swipe and Share 2.0, and Voice Guidance.  The series includes 3 HDMI connections and 2 USB ports. In addition, ET60 Series’ backlight scanning utilizes up to 720 BLS.

E60 Series
The TC-L42E60, 42-inch class; TC-L50E60, 50-inch class; TC-L58E60, 58-inch class and the TC-L65E60, 65-inch class comprise the E60 series of FULL HD 3D LED LCD TVs.

Panasonic 50E60

The E60 models include 1080p FULL HD resolution and dot noise reduction for the ultimate viewing experience.  The E60 series features 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.  With VIERA Connect, My Home Screen, built in Wireless LAN, Voice Guidance and Swipe and Share 2.0, the new line makes it more convenient than ever for users to access and navigate content.  In addition, E60 Series’ backlight scanning utilizes up to 240 BLB.

EM60 Series
The EM60 series provides the consumer with 1080p resolution, slim LED and narrow bezel design. There are two screen sizes in the EM60 series – the TC-L39EM60, 39-inch class and TC-L50EM60, 50-inch class.

Panasonic TC-L39EM60

All offer media player, with two HDMI connections and one USB port. Dot noise reduction technology enhances image quality of content.  In addition, EM60 Series’ backlight scanning utilizes up to 240 BLB.

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XM6 Series
The TC-L32XM6, 32-inch class model features 720p resolution with two HDMI connections with one USB port.

Panasonic TC-L32XM6

The XM6 series reflect Panasonic’s minimalistic design with a slim bezel.  Dot noise reduction technology enhances image quality of content.

B6 Series
The TC-L32B6, 32-inch class model features 720p resolution, and the TC-L39B6, 39-inch class model and TC-L50B6, 50-inch class model feature 1080p resolution.

Panasonic TC-L32B6

The entire B6 series is equipped with two HDMI connections with one USB port. Dot noise reduction technology enhances image quality of content.

The Panasonic 2013 VIERA LED LCD HDTVs will be available in the spring of 2013.

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