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Marantz Selects ABTs Precision Video Scaling Technology for Their New Flagship DVD Player

Anchor Bay Technologies provides both chip and system level video processing solutions to OEMs for design into new video products.

Campbell, CA — November 9, 2005 — Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc. (ABT), creator of the award-winning DVDO high-performance video processing systems, announced today that its Precision Video Scaling technology has been selected by Marantz for use in their new DV9600 reference quality DVD player. With the official launch of their Powered by ABT brand recently announced to the commercial market, Anchor Bay Technologies provides both chip and system level video processing solutions to equipment manufacturers and end customers.

Anchor Bay Technologies’ Precision Video Scaling will position ABT as a leading developer of video processing technologies while setting the standard for future innovation in the industry. ABT will continue to power the DVDO brand while supporting the progression of next generation components, such as the Marantz DV9600. ABT’s technology is based on a proprietary video scaling engine that can independently scale an image horizontally and vertically to achieve an outstanding picture quality for today’s high resolution video displays. The scaling engine is completely flexible, accepting standard and high definition (720p and 1080i) inputs and outputting any resolution from VGA (640×480) to 1080p (1920×1080) with multiple standard and custom aspect ratios. Additional easy to design in digital display features include zoom, pan, overscan, underscan and border controls.

“ABT’s Precision Video Scaling technology delivers outstanding video quality at resolutions up to 1080p using advanced video processing techniques,” said Mr. Masao Kimura, General Manager at Marantz. “We are very excited to use this new 10-bit scaling technology to convert SD resolution video to HD resolution video for our DVD players. At Marantz, we are constantly seeking out new technologies to offer our discerning customer base. By incorporating the ABT technology in our new DVD player, we are positioning Marantz at the forefront of the industry by offering cutting-edge, high-performance video products that will set the standard for video technology.”

“We are honored to have Marantz recognize our superior video scaling technology over other available solutions. ABT’s Precision Video Scaling technology is ideal for upconverting standard definition video from DVD players to higher definition formats including 1080p available on today’s high resolution displays. Our technology preserves the detail in the original image without introducing scaling artifacts that are visible on large high resolution displays,” said Anchor Bay Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing, Mr. C. H. Chee.

ABT is engaged in the sale of its semiconductor technology to OEMs for design into new video products, and also maintains a global distribution and sales network for its system-level product line. Anchor Bay Technologies is the original creator of DVDO which developed and marketed the first single chip video deinterlacing technology that supports 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down. Other trademarked technologies that will be marketed under Powered by ABT include: Precision Video Scaling, RightRate, AutoCUE-C, and Precision AV LipSync.

For more information on Anchor Bay Technologies, please visit

About Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc.
Anchor Bay Technologies Inc. (ABT) designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductor and system-level solutions for the next generation of Digital Television and Digital Video electronic products. Headquartered in Campbell, California, ABT is the parent to DVDO Home Theater Products and the creator of the proprietary DVDO iScan line of video processing systems. Anchor Bay Technologies’ Precision Video Scaling technology is based on ABT’s proprietary video scaling engine that can independently scale an image horizontally and vertically to achieve an outstanding picture quality for today’s high resolution video displays.

About Marantz
Marantz is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul B. Marantz. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation’s premier independent audio/video specialty retailers. Additional information is available at Marantz is one of the premium A/V brand companies of D&M Holdings Inc.

About D&M Holdings Inc.
D&M Holdings Inc. (TSE II: 6735) is based in Tokyo and owns the Denon, Marantz, McIntosh Laboratory, D&M Professional, ReplayTV, Rio and Escient brands. Denon, Marantz, McIntosh and D&M Professional are global industry leaders in the specialist home theater, audio/video consumer electronics or professional audio markets, with a strong and long-standing heritage of manufacturing and marketing high-performance audio and video components. The ReplayTV, Rio and Escient brands represent award-winning technologies in digital home entertainment. Additional information is available at

ABT Press Contact:
Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080
Joseph Hageman:
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For digital images:

The DVDO and iScan trademarks are licensed exclusively to Anchor Bay Technologies Inc., and are registered trademarks of Silicon Image Inc. All products bearing the DVDO and iScan trademarks are based upon technologies, architectures, and product designs originally created and developed by the ABT Team.

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