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Floorstanding Speakers

Amphion Debuts Krypton3X 3-Way Flagship Loudspeaker: Munich High-End 2023

The Amphion Krypton3X floorstanding loudspeaker incorporates a new crossover and tweeter design that provides a better listening experience with lower distortion.

Amphion Krypton 3x Loudspeaker Pair Lifestyle in White

Finnish loudspeaker brand, Amphion, will be making the European debut of the updated Krypton3X at this month’s High-End Munich 2023 show (May 18 through 21, 2023).

Tip: For those attending the Munich show, the Krypton3X will be on display alongside Amphion’s Argon studio monitor lines — including the recently launched One25Ain Halle 3, booth M12/N05.

Krypton3X Overview

The goal of the Krypton line has been to provide a full range of concert hall-type listening experiences at home.

The Krypton3X is a full-range floorstanding passive speaker that is designed to deliver strong impact and nuance throughout its frequency range. 

The Krypton3X brings a highly innovative update by incorporating a new state-of-the-art tweeter and low crossover point inside a unique cardioid cabinet design to minimize unwanted reflections, making any room fit to handle the updated speaker. 

Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker White Angle

Tweeter Design

A new tweeter with a redesigned crossover allows the Krypton3X to achieve even better resolution and even clearer imaging than before. The 25mm titanium tweeter combines low distortion with high extension and seamlessly integrates with the midrange drivers to form a large driver combination. High-quality components were carefully selected for the new crossover to compliment the new tweeter in order to keep the similar sonic character and tone – but with improved sonics.

Amphion Krypton 3x Loudspeaker MTM Drivers

Midrange/Woofer Design 

The Krypton3X incorporates a three-way MTM configuration  (midrange on top, tweeter in the middle, and second midrange below the tweeter). The proprietary papyrus 8” midrange/woofers and titanium tweeter use Amphion´s proprietary waveguide technology to create uniform time-accurate point source from 160Hz upwards. 

The large midrange/woofer surface area is designed to provide smoothness, clarity, and high power handling with the lowest possible levels of distortion. The ribbed woofer driver provides impact, speed, and detail.

Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker Driver

A cardioid midrange combined with U/D/D (Uniformly Directive Diffusion) technology, minimizes unwanted reflections from side and back walls (up to 20dB). This allows the Krypton3X to perform well in small rooms or close to large windows. Both midrange drivers are encased in their own chambers which are side vented by holes drilled in the shape of an acute triangle.

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For better full-range sound reproduction, the Krypton3X incorporates a 10” side-firing woofer. The rigid aluminum cone and long excursion ensure powerful, extended yet controlled bass. 

Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker Lifestyle White

Speaker Placement Options

The Krypton3X speakers can be placed with the woofers facing inwards (preferred small room placement), or outwards (for a broader soundstage in a larger room). The woofer is mounted in the vented enclosure located between the midrange driver’s chambers and is hidden behind the cloth cover, which contributes to the understated aesthetics of the Krypton3X. 

From Anssi Hyvönen, the Founder and Managing Director of Amphion Loudspeakers: “Krypton3X offers full-range sound in a room-friendly package. The combination of its new tweeter and the dual 8” midranges are intoxicatingly detailed and involving and perform superbly well even in challenging acoustic spaces…We are very proud to introduce the fifth version of our flagship speaker to our customers.

Amphion Krypton3x Loudspeaker Rear White


  • Speaker Model: Krypton3X
  • Speaker Type: Three-way vented (Bass Reflex
  • Tweeter: 1 x 1” with a titanium driver
  • Mid-range: 2 x 8” with papyrus drivers 
  • Woofer:  1 x 10” with aluminum driver
  • Crossover Points: 160Hz/1600Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB):  21 – 25,000 Hz 
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 100-300W
  • Dimensions:  1370 x 330 x 480 mm  (53.9 x 13 x 18.9-inches)
  • Weight: 70 kg/ 154 lbs

Tip: The Krypton3X is handmade in Finland.

Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker in Black, White, and Walnut Finishes
Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker in Black, White, and Walnut Finishes

Availability and Pricing 

The Amphion Krypton3X floorstanding speakers are available in standard white and black veneer for $12,000 per piece, while the Walnut costs $12,500. 

Prices may vary due to local taxes, shipping, and other additional costs. Please find your local partner here.

Tip: US and Canada partners.

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