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PUFF?Nalin Nyda3
C00LSat7000 etc. Up, No new bin neededSuperadman4
ViewSat 2000 xtremeDoreen21
264 binUpmanis5
C00lsat binsAfrican2
How to change the degree Albino Midget2
AyudaaaaaaaaAna Iris1
DN down?terry young28
New binsalton vann penny3
Need help with pansat 3500mo5
VS Pro freezingAfrican10
Saludos KrokusERROR2
Problem with Vertical TPs on one LNBDarth Vader17
VS ultra freezzzzzingAfrican3
Best satellite?Tony Soprano9
Odd signal problemPlymouth2
Cant see to get any cable channels?Plymouth9
Fix for all boxesCurious smith6
New binPlymouth2
Is DN now down ?Plymouth2
Sonicview SV-360 Elite just releasedJames Lee8
New fix for VS 2000 Extremexmen1
New ECM in effect?Nalin Nyda6
Thanks to VS coders for fast workThe Coders8
New fix for Viewsat Ultra releasedMolly Dawg10
All new fixes are out, come and get them,Nalin Nyda3
IPL Highlightsavinash verma1
The pacific time zone edgeSemore Butts1
Viewsat ultra/plat/extreme modelsjustice1
Its Wednesdayjaye21
Nagra 3greg raf11
Help.. How to add Anik/F3 to Pansat 3500SDNasty Nalin8
New dish500 installNasty Nalin20
Pansat 2300a Nalin Nyda3
Help on cnx miniPlymouth2
Why NFUSION is getting cheaperNasty Nalin17
DtvThe Coders20
I need desperate help !! King_of_SATS10
Settings for echo7&echo8-10The Coders8
Problem with 2500/flu convertedkay4
Newbie needs help for missing international channels on pansat 3500J K5
Viewsat Ultra recieving no signal on Echostar 3 61.5WPlymouth7
Dish down 3pm centralPlymouth17
Cant scan channels 2500 puffNalin Nyda2
This ever happen to anyone?Plymouth3
IPL Highlightscrickethighlights13
Good Signal but no quality on 61.5DumDude14
Captive works 600sbruce l3
IPL Match 6 Highlights Videoscrickethighlights1
I was told,latest SV4000 factory file has sat 118.7devin16
Is Pansat 2700A now Working?Plymouth5
HD Plymouth2
Sony SAT-HD100 Over-heatJim Bay1
Animal planet channel ? White Hawk3
IPL match number #4 Kolkata Night riders Vs decan chargessada7
Need help with original pansat 2500aPlymouth24
What Is the Password, For Pansat 2700aHussain8
Site for viewsat ultra binsGocuse4
Nfusion Blue5
What happened to SAHARA?lolol4
0 programs found allen jay3
IPL on Dish: Channel 457 & 472.Jignesh13
CW800 - QuestionCelina J.3
Xrica X5 Receiverjake ross1
Need help in CW 600s premiumTooter27
IPLavinash verma1
DN??Mad Flea3
Help pleaseMad Flea4
Help with international ultraMad Flea7
What is the transponder and angle (118/119/121) for Viewing IPL on ...Mad Flea2
No sound on channel 612 & 614, any suggessions??The $mart 1!3
Low signal quality on 119devin3
Skew settingdevin3
Viewsat ultra helpPlymouth13
Bev channelssada2
Help - Which BEV Satellitesada8
4th output on a ocsdp quadPukka5
Is ds down ????Plymouth3
USB to serial problem - pansat 3500 sdKing_of_SATS9
Cool**t 5000 173 file herePest Control6
Animal planet channel ? Plymouth4
FLU 2500 converted 2700 bin fileMETALLICA4
Pakistan vs Bangladesh .... cricket series review..sada1
IPL Highlights avinash verma1
Whats the difference between ICL and IPL?devin5
IPL Highlightsavinash verma1
Ariza xtreme conversion to HomesatTooter1
IPL - Highlights - Match 2 mohali vs chennai........Funa Guy4
IPL - Highlights - Match 2crickethighlights1
My pansat 2500a wont scan channelsallen jay3
Ufc fightWhite Hawk3
Ipl on dish tooAgf3
Viewsat Ultra A/R on some channels & Bev A/RSemore Butts4
So did any1 find out whos showing IPLXtra West94
IPL - Highlights - Match 1sada18
Puff 263Cdn Redneck7
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