Nagra 3


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check out this web for nagra 3 Access Cards

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Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2008 - 09:23 am:

N3 is not like N2 or N1 by miles
Don't believe what yo hear
I always believe what I see before what I hear

The arrivals of N3 will mark the end of PTA
Is what I always been writing about
If it does get cracked it will be ON and OFF frustrating PTA users


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A good helper's URL for Nagra 3.

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I am running Nagra 3, others will be soon also.

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For that they still doubt the "darkness" of the pirate tv in Europe there are more news of Nagra 3 and the success that apparently it has had.

It seems that Nagra 3 is spending all the tests of the hacker and coders that do not find solutions for the time being, and Nagra 3 starts being adopted as other chains and providers of television route satellite in Europe.The chain deprived by satellite Premiere also happens to Nagra 3 (earlier it was using Betacrypt and then Nagra 2), and after this one the Pole Cyfrowy Polsat will continue the same way. Nagra 3 is demonstrating to be quite solid, since it takes almost two years working in the Portuguese Tv Cabo without being hacked, in spite of the rumours that they indicate the opposite, and from December 4 Bonus works in the Digital system with the same result, there is no solution for the time being.
And is it necessary to doubt, if it takes almost two years and the Nagra 3 does not open to itself in TV End, For which to believe the rumours now of that they are on the verge of doing it?. Anyway, two years it is a lot of time, so that the piracy could survive with teams that do not sell waiting in stores and also waiting for a miracle of a coder to which it would be necessary to pay to him, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars for the hack, if it achieves it.
Digitalis, which from beginnings of this December only uses the new system of encryption of the Swiss company of Kuldelsky, has left to "dark" the channels that could be seen of fraudulent form with Nagra 2.
After the process realized in two platforms route satellite "Iberian", now it touches him the shift to the German Premiere, in fact, who is already realizing for some weeks tests under the new format of Nagravision 3. The Pole Cyfrowy Polsat will follow Premiere also.
For the time being they are only rumours those that they say that Nagra3 it is already opened. This way it is like he promises to be in diversity of Forums of Europe, specializing in the topic. After the tests realized with the new review of Nagra, the tests have already realized with the Channel Sport TV 1 and 2. The Cardsharing is being implemented and supported by those Recipients of Satellite with connection Ethernet, nevertheless also it is possible to realize it by means of Captured in the PC.
These tests that are contributed from Europe, demonstrate fully that Nagravision 3 has not been broken, that it is seen for cardsharing and not for no type of emulation that does not exist for the time being.
The struggle against the piracy in the United States and Canada, it might win at once and for all (if Nagra 3 continues without breaking) with a change of cards of massive form, which was initiated by TV End in Europe and now by Digital Bonus and the German platform Premiere.
The tests realized by Polsat and now Premiere, give to Kudelski a supremacy with Nagra 3, facing the imminent future that rethinks now. If everything is fine, André Kudelski might "clean" his disastrous image because of the mistake of Nagra 2, y to have a new strong position, opposite to proposed business piece of news of other satellite providers.
The question is not if the system will be implemented in USA, because it will be like that with safety. The question is when it will be implemented.

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Thread was completly purged and posts removed last night. This forum has no value.

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You loooooooooooooooser just don't get it... NO ONE SEE'S YOU...


IT's nothing more then entertainment.

Your attention seeking Delusion show how meaningless your life and existence is

The WHOLE BUNCH of You.. Are a Worthless discarded PROZAC GENERATION WHO are NOW CRYING OUT for attention.

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I would really feel safe going there. They ship you a card? they have no return address and the tell you how safe you are. What a joke. Who run's that site? Anyone know.

I'm sure Nalin know's, that is why he sends you there.

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King of Sats, At least were not a worthless lonley piece of sh#t like you.
And go help your fat wife get in the car before she breaks something

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