New ECM in effect?


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Mty, Nuevo Leon Mexico

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Is anyone else having issues with their PUFF converted boxes? signal gets blocked every 5-7 min and goes away for about the same amount and then comesback....anyone else?

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Viewsat receivers also have problem. Some Pansat as well. Everyone seems to mention that not all are affected however. This is why no one mentions an ECM in progress.

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Right on time about 4:00pm wednesdays. Emunation should be out somewhere now and satopia.Nfusion probably unaffected. SV probably 2 hrs and viewsat 3 or 4. Not a blackout cause channels freezing then come back after a long delay.

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Username: Shadow45

Mty, Nuevo Leon Mexico

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I see, thanks for info fellas, i guess us poor bastiches that ain´t got the "good stuff" gotta go trough it... lol..thanks again

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captiveworks working fine viewsat ext freezzzzzzzzzzzzing o well

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If keys don't autoroll:
Dish Network (0101) [Last update: Wed. Apr 23, 9:38 PM CDT]

Key 00 (86):
93 0E 04 0B AC F9 07 29 86 F5 89 B5 D5 DA 3E 99

Key 01 (96):
59 CB 77 4A 61 A7 1C 81 2A DF 0F 69 36 BC 9F 4D
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