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Whats with this Abby2
Transponder questionMichael Singh5
Loosing channels on Captiveworks 600svbruce l3
Help with channel master.....Nalin Nyda6
Please help me which bin and loder i need to use Nalin Nyda2
SonicviewNalin Nyda4
Your Choise DN or BEV on Viewsat UltraNalin Nyda2
Which bin for pansat 2500 converted - BEVNalin Nyda13
Viewsat ultra help with bin PFTAUSW-080114UJayson5
Pulp's Update ... For PTA 2008Doreen3
CW800 loader question?bruce l5
Bev up on viewsat extreme bin 07/12/22Jojogun4
Hey king... diagram please?JB6
Pointing to New 118.7 FSS SatellieKing Sat-Man4
Best place to buy a Receiver???lucky5
119 and 110 in 30 inch dishYukon2
India VS Aus LinkRocky5
VO192P is out for sv4k?devin1
GC down??rudy13
New Pansat Bins !!!Albert Einstein2
New pansat binsAlbert Einstein2
Please help newcomerrudy23
Bev down ????Rich Lee17
BEV is wide open on 080105 bin on viewsat extremeAlbert Einstein2
Nfusion Nova Not Today11
Is b3v up on pansat??????AlexNA11
How do i point the dish? Please helpscabz4
Bev wild open on Viesat Utralrazor1
Captiveworks 800S setupbruce l5
BEV is down as per 8:03 pm EST!!Stephane9
BEV is up with 080105 on Platinum and Litecartier14
CS 5000 Want to know what to use to get Bev/DNAfrican4
Pansats on BEVpsychmonster3
IF NO CRICKET bev and DN will be UPHagbard Celine5
Bev up with 080104 bin on ultracool goose6
Is BEV up on SV 1000trendsetter3691
Is BEV up on SV 1000trendsetter3691
Help Help PLZZZZ HelpOrziz Aziz16
Psp helpscabz2
JTag Helptitas mutsuddy6
Channels scabz1
Bev down ???martinz1
Cs 232/233 & jvvh 236Bénx6
Eagle starsada4
Pensat 2700 clone. Help pleasetitas mutsuddy5
Adding one channel on the DN sada9
Pansat: Which bin currently works?sns7
We might not be dealing with typical dumb blond herextremebj7
What is a good receiver to buy ?Bill Vickers23
Top 10 poster of ecousticsKing Tapeman5
Viewsat lite helpscabz2
Is bev working if so with what numbers??bugsbunny3
TwinhanDTV Sat Pro???Nub2fta7
IS CS_236TV2_Lightning_100t_Series_serial FLU & 2500 TO 2700 workin...psychmonster26
Please help me of penset working file RTAP2
Need help fixing Vortex Pro 7700Sirius Black31
Bell channels - Scanning but no channelsbruce l5
2700A Pansat - Old bin2.71 = Scrambled Channels.Nalin Nyda6
My xtreme viewsat went down this morningJim Cipriani4
Unable to get any channels to operate(only the WOLO,WLTX,WIS)James Thomas5
Pensat 3500SRTAP4
Experiencing HIGH WINDS no signalKing Sat-Man41
Ppv helpThe Coders4
Pansat 2700 USB RS232??lucky12
Need channel 576 to watch Cricketsatelite_hora9
Best place to buy Sonicview in Toronto (best price)JB2
Sonicview 4000 working and going strong satgrl4
Viewsat Xtreame HELP PLEASE!!David Beckham4
Thinking of getting a HD recieverPaul1
Channnel list FROM your receiver to the computerrafael Perez3
Reprogram the satellite?ennio2
CS_236TV2_Lightning_100t_Series_serial FLU & 2500 TO 2700 lakh23
Nalin NEED HELP!!!African5
121 SIGNALalime ahmadi2
ARIZAalime ahmadi10
All channels up with new and testedpsychmonster8
Weird signal dropouts??hughlarryazz1
Help pleaseNalin Nyda16
Digital televisionJoe Devlin10
CW 800s HelpGEO4
New fixes - Pansat and ViewsatLeo15
EchoStar 4 at 77.0°W questionKing Tapeman5
Viewsat Ultra bin not accessible from TheTotalThe Coders7
Cell phone question...urmama5
What is LNBF rotationPaul8
Hey Olegzulu6
Is it possible to get Galaxy 25 at 97.0°WYukon12
Which bin is working for fortec lifetime ultrajippii.com3
Testing Vs Extreme Dbpsw-080114x Freeze Fix - resultsThe Coders12
Where is 61.5w African8
Viewsat Ultra Freezing Fixhanibal536
PANSAT 2500 HELPNalin Nyda5
List of Recommended SitesRTAP2
Viewsat and pansat freezing fixesNalin Nyda3
View satultra keeps freezing?Nalin Nyda44
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