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This Legacy sucks help methislegacysucks1
Which amp for two 12' alpine type r'sderek white1
Amp Question, What does the diffrence in Ohms Affect??Inicuo1
A1800DB power acoustik amp good for 10" fubr subs?JayJ6
Good Amp For 2 10"AudioBahn 600 Watts RMS JayJ2
Running amp at 1 ohm??? good or bad???GlassWolf3
What amp with a JL 12W6??? $200 maxChris Vu3
How many ohms for two subs?zbruski3
MA Audio Amp and Audiobahn Subs?Bassboi1
Inifinty Kappa Perfect Competition Setup - Best Amp?Jonathan6
What's wrong?Jonez7885
4 Channel Amp Choices, Need Help..Greg Profitt1
Amp helpGlassWolf4
What kind of amp?Chris Griffith2
What's a Channel? Donald R2
Help with wire gaugesGrizzly4
Need help i have no clue what im doinJohnny3
Dual Amp IssueJayJ2
Wattage of an amp to bridged speakersGrizzly3
Whats the best amp for 2 10" FUBR power acoustik subs?cody john miller4
Question for glassGlassWolf7
Need help with ampjim the slim7
Whats The Best Amp For 2 12" Jl W6AE?Chris Newman6
PPI PCX-2125 Ohm Loadits_bacon127
Suggestions anyone?davids20042
Arc AudioGlassWolf4
RCA input sensitivityGlassWolf4
Amplifier QUIZ on soundstageGlassWolf2
How does Hifonics stack up against other brands of amps???JayJ4
Factory Amp Locatedswan2
New AmpJP3
Need help with the truthj-dub bob5
Amp Help!GlassWolf2
I need to know the levels for my ampsGlassWolf2
Amp? plz help!Andrew6
Help setup 4 channel hifonics with 7 speakersits_bacon123
Need help with a broken Blaupunkt ampMatt Bitzer1
Need An Amp..davids20044
Grrr.. Im stuck. Which amp to use?!!?!!?!davids20042
AnyoneUpForALaughjoao ferreira7
How to hook up multiple amps?Pat Lorenz4
True Opinions NeededPat Lorenz4
Can a bigger alt. increase SPL/SQ???Anonymous8
Hifonics bx1500carmack4
Best amp?Dai_Ca6
Amp in garage questionGlassWolf4
RCA's Blah Blah!GlassWolf2
Amp opinionGrmncrsnbr2
Amp for 2000w audiobahn???Grmncrsnbr9
What amp to use for 2 12"davids200425
I need a new amp and a suggestion...Kyle Wessels16
Very basic question.Pat Lorenz8
Just signed up, easy question, forgive meanonymousorionfan5
Two Type R alpine 12" subs...what amp do i need?Seth T6
Please help with my amp choicedavids20045
WHAT AMP??davids20043
Avionixx, Visonik or Boss??? jason tower3
Two Type R alpine 12" subs with jbl bp600.1Jonathan1
What amp to use for 10" kicker competitions???JayJ10
Question about impedance risk...Joey3
Question about 2 ampsGlassWolf11
Question for anyone who can answerGlassWolf4
Volts? 12.5 or 14.4?its_bacon124
How much rms watts is 500 watts peak?Jonathan14
In need of some help, Glass, Jon anybody?Andy7
Setting Gain CorrectlyGlassWolf3
Looking for 4 channel Amp, need recommendationsGlassWolf3
12 volts or 14.4 volts?GlassWolf4
Accuracy of this infoGlassWolf4
Help With Getting The Right Amp!!!!!!!!IknowTheseSuck7
Statement for all membersJohn Smith5
Guess MY DB'S!!!!!!!DEMIGOD336
Guys Help I Just Got Beat By Audiobahn!!!!!!!!GlassWolf8
Why is the red (protect) light on?GlassWolf4
Carver amp ID?Anonymous2
Power Problems with Kenwood Ampjake russell4
What happened to Soundstream ??Jbreddawg7
What ohm load would these speakers pull?Skinn2
What amp to use on 2 JL Audio 10" W3's?Wesley Britt1
4ohm load to dvc infinity'ssmokeit7
US Ampszbruski3
Amp ChallengeGlassWolf9
Amp Ground problem?GlassWolf3
Need a good online site to buy an ampJoey Beats6
HELP! upgrading to 4 ga. wireBraddon Calloway3
What Should I Do?Matt Lavallee16
DX350 AMP AND Pioneer DEH-P4600MPAnonymous1
? about infinity 1230w with ampsmokeit21
What amp for mtx thunder 6000 10'so2avvy2
Where is the cheapest place to buy a JBL Amp?JayJ7
2 12" type r's need amp!Michael3
Help me 2 Kickers cut my day !!!!carmack1
Wiring amps to speakersdavids20042
Wiring amps to speakersDonald R2
Kicker amp ratingsGrmncrsnbr2
PQ10 install- RCA's are the inputs?Audiophile2
Simple. Amp for shivaGrmncrsnbr2
Install suggestions wanted.Tim Luna6
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