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Question for anyone who can answerJason Schmo1
Amp search questiondavids20042
Use a line converter or not? for MTXDonaldLawrence1
Too much juice for Infinity perfects??Vesuccio1
Amp opinionChris Griffith1
Need help setting up Ampdavids20044
Wat size amp do i needdavids200412
JBL GTO Seriesdavids20042
Quick question....again.davids20042
What's wrong with my amp? <Scenario>Jonez78811
Can anyone help me get some websites that i can buy a PAC SNI-35 Li...GlassWolf2
Cant turn up gain & Blinking power Light! Help!!!!GlassWolf4
Cheap SQ...davids20043
For the electrical expertsGlassWolf6
Use a line converter or not? for MTXDonaldLawrence1
Use a line converter or not? for MTXDonaldLawrence1
Waste of TimeJohn Smith4
A/d/s ampsGlassWolf3
Guys please help a damsel in distressGlassWolf11
Can anyone diagnose a problem with my amp?Bryan D3
Alpine MRD-M501 amp and subs . . . please help!Bryan D7
Alpine, Kicker, or what you recommendmark howard7
Sony xm-1502sx over current problemNick13
InterFire 4700 amp stuck in protect modeAudiophile23
Will this setup be decent?davids200410
Series and parallel wiringSeth T9
Old school fosgate installj.s.19
HU or Amp Crossover?osc3
Need Help for setupPhil Lab1
Need Help for setupPhil Lab1
Do I hook up the remote wire to...?swan2
Finishin up ma system.....wat amp? wat amp?jeff compton3
Guys I need your help!!!Anonymous5
Amp hooked up right but not workin PLEASE HELP!andrew smith8
Anyone shopping for power? MMats D300HC (1700W class D)Matt Lavallee1
How do i improve the SQGlassWolf9
GlassWolf, Audison or Genesis or Arc ampsGlassWolf2
Please help me, anyoneDoug2
Is it safe to....?Pat Lorenz5
Too many problems.jojomunky16
How BAD can it be?GlassWolf4
Remote Wire HelpPat Lorenz7
IDQ12 V.2, 550 watts to much?Anonymous3
Memphis Belle?Anonymous1
I Need an Amp!!!!!!andrew smith2
Amp hooked up right but not workin PLEASE HELP!andrew smith3
What Amp would get me kickin???Brooks Resch5
Need Help, brain fried.......Too many amp choices......What is best...Vesuccio9
8 GA or 4 GA power wire? Anonymous1
Amp Crossover questionGrmncrsnbr5
Quality of certain amps, anyone have suggestions for my setup?GlassWolf8
Need seroius helpGlassWolf53
Please Help!!!!!!!! I'm so close to finishing off my system!!!!!!Doug1
What Amp would get me kickin???rick13
Does AUDIOBAHN make a good amp?jojomunky17
Power Problem Need HelpPat Lorenz2
I bought the 1200.1 now whatdavid hizzle9
What ALPINE amp should I get for pair of Type XJayJ3
Pioneer DEH-P4600MP and Pre-Outsbrian campbell3
How should I run my kit...? Problems.JayJ2
Amp turning on and offGlassWolf5
Cooling for an AMPPat Lorenz2
Can anyone help me out?Doug1
Orion Amps... Trash???GlassWolf8
Thoughts on Pyraimid amps and subs.Patrick Frison7
Are Logic Soundlab Amps Any GoodAnonymous3
???clarion amp???Anonymous215
Remote/12V+ Connection for AmpsJoey Beats3
What is a good amp to use for TS-W125C/DVC brian walker6
I have 2 JL 10"s what kind of ampWahl7
Hooray...New Amp... Now I need help!Jonathan16
What Amp would get me kickin???jesse1
I need helpGlassWolf6
Good amp for a TS-W125C/DVC sub?desenutz2
Setting Up my AmpsGlassWolf6
What kind of amp to use for these babies?GlassWolf3
So confused... Glass?GlassWolf2
Thump! Amps?zbruski3
How do i improve the SQGlassWolf3
Little worriedGlassWolf2
Ok amp questionGlassWolf2
JVC CD/Reciever automatic shutoff problemsga68skylark1
Idea for the GurusGrmncrsnbr3
Glass or someone please help me!!Audiophile2
Infinity ampsAudiophile2
Help with amp/sub/6x9Big Johnson3
Help need on setting the ampAndy1
Amp refresher coursejames guyda9
Amp comparable to Memphis PR1000D/good sub ampSandy4
Mono blocks / 1 channel amps ?GlassWolf2
Not 1 ohm stablerick2
Is this setup ok?????lequan belton1
1200W Amp for One 12" or Two 10" Subs?Brian Goodrich3
2 Channel amp V.S. Mono ampGrmncrsnbr2
Tricky as H E / / bruhneedluv29
GlassWolf what do you think of this amp, any truth in there statementsGlassWolf2
GlassWolf Is my system hooked up ok?GlassWolf3
WoUlD EvErY OnE StFu AbOuT HoW sHi@#Y aUdIoBaHn IsGrmncrsnbr40
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