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Ground questionOleg Ni1
How to wire to 1 ohmJason1
tel me how to , without hooking it up to ure car amp kit, cuz ther...michael foland1
Need 2 15'schris webb1
How do you wire to 1 ohm??juliob2
Amplifier matchingBudrow Sam3
Memphis PR1x1000Jonathan Spino3
Looking for a certain songJonathan Spino6
Quantum audio ampsM.S.4
Mono block ampJack Death2
Amp for BLBrady Fedro4
Good amp to run an Fi Btl?Brady Fedro10
Hifonicsrobbie robinson1
Should i run this at 1 or 4 ohms?snarl200417
jl 1000/1 hook up to jl 13w7 Marcus Thompson2
Jensen JXP600M Joey DeSalvo7
.can i strap these??Canaan3
Mono block ampYanks Fan4
Is this an good setup?Jesse D.5
Where to buyKevin Holden5
.can i strap these??C.Free1
Blown amp fuseKen Jones jr.3
Amp going into protectionGurpreet7
How to run it?juliob8
Is this a good match? Please Helpjuliob9
Amp suggestions?juliob2
Did I make a GOOD AMP Choice?why22
Possible to mix ohm loads???Andre Money2
Looking for an amp!Sinful Systems Inc.22
Thermal Light on??nick white2
Almani amplifierskklagge5
60 hz test tone?Sinful Systems Inc.14
Orion 2500dMat Dope *****2
60 hz test tone?steven1
Do jl amps, memphis amps, and alpine amps comaprebobby dunkino4
Alpine or Rockford - Powering JL Audio Subwhy9
New here, need a little bit of help with my systemJohn Dulger-Sheikin1
Audiobahn 8000T or 8000V??Isaac2
Amp any GoodJonathan Spino9
What is an OhmKiLLa12
Earthquake amps?KiLLa9
Xtant x1001 with LQF45 module for saleDaniel Haney1
What kind of amp to buy?Daniel Haney8
Which amp is betterLogan5
Amp blows fusesLogan4
Amp overloadSinful Systems Inc.2
Diffrence in ampsSinful Systems Inc.12
PhOeNiX gOlD or KeNwOoD AmP????M.S.5
Phoenix Gold vs JBLSinful Systems Inc.9
Help fixing an amp pleaseRobbie8
Fine tuning my systemDavid Fleisch1
Amp turns off when bass stopslucas beckner9
Will this work ok?Sinful Systems Inc.9
Hifonics Brutus BX1500D or the HIFONICS BXi1206DSinful Systems Inc.2
Are boss or concept amps any goodSinful Systems Inc.5
What amp for under $200??Robbie4
Ebay Kicker package dealcal payne7
What you guys think of the alpine PDX-1.1000 amp?juliob2
Amp pros hurry how is this amp.Jesse D.2
Anyone who REALLY knows car systems help?jose camarena4
Steve meads got that 15K watt RF AMP Rob7
SPL Z1X-2400D V.S. Precision Power D2000/1 juliob7
Fuse INSIDE of amp?KiLLa1
Which Amp?Matt Lutz7
Amplifier is Shutting off?Marc4
???Is this brand reliable and good???Gibson54693
Ultimate ampsBrad Warren5
Wanted: Kicker ZX1000.1 or 350.4james klemick2
Amp/SpeakersSam Denith19
Stock Alt..juliob8
MA Audio HK4000D Amplifier??juliob9
Which amp for 2 12in alpine typex's?kevin johnston7
Someone please help!!!Stewart Roberts3
Need help on picking amp pleaseMatt Lutz9
Which Amp???Austin33
Fried amp, fix?Ben Quirk3
Can a mono block amp have 2 channels?raymond aparicio5
BEST Amp to power 2 Rockford p3s.....jerome baker3
Hifonics Bxi 1206D amplifierOptidriven12
What Amp?juliob6
Good alternatives for 5-Channel amps?juliob2
This brand any good?juliob21
Lanzar Opti 4000d?juliob7
Kicker KX550.3 and MTX4500 thunderformjjsmitty75
Are audiobahn amps decent?rick quigley7
Amplifier Starting To Go?Nicholas Obando6
JBL GTO1201.1II or Hifonics BXi 1606Dwhy1
If anyone needs a front stage amp....Brad Warren1
Optimus amp84linc1
Looking to buy: AMP for a Solo Baric L5 15"edward1
Power acoustik 3000 ampOptidriven5
Need 1500 rms juliob4
P300.1 1 ohm???juliob6
System Advice PLEASEQ3
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