Can a mono block amp have 2 channels?


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i thought that defeated the whole purpose of it being monoblock but the audiopipe GM-4CLD amp is a mono block class D amp but has two channels well it makes my 12" L7s pound so im happy well i was just wondering what was up with that if neone knew?

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they're mono amps. Difference is that they put "2 channels" for wiring flexibility. But the truth is that they're connected inside, creating a mono amp.

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so if i want to hook up my 2 12" L7s to creat a 1 ohm load should i hook each one up to each channel or bridge them together? they are dual 4 ohm

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The amp is mono it just has 4 terminals. To wire 2 dual 4 ohm subs to 1 ohm, just connect all the + wires to + on the amp and all the - wires to - on the amp. It doesn't matter if you use all four terminals ot just two. That's called wiring in parallel.

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i know what parallel wiring on a sub was just never heard of it like that in an amp so are they still going to sound good considering they are only getting 1200 watts rms instead of 1500?
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