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Capacitor or HO alternatorOptidriven53
Is There.......Troy Stafford5
Need advice for truck systemJC2
Amp for Arsenals--------•2
What amp?juliob3
Concept AmpsJ@Yme2
Quick Question for you guys...juliob9
1000 watt ampjuliob5
Massive audiojuliob6
How good is Hifonics ampS?juliob10
Will this amp work?juliob5
Sub amp turning offkevin cardona7
What gauge wiring do i needzach barker3
Good Amp for JL 15" W6Loc_out5
Kicker or hifonicHalter4
HELPJoe Spose3
Does anyone have Aura amps?audioffile3
What combo is bestzach barker1
12" assassinChauncey Brown7
Good Deal? Good Amp?cam' koldra2
S/N ratioOptidriven7
Help with wiringHalter5
2 ampsctmike67
Help hooking up amp and 2 subs plzjuliob8
Really cheap amp for type rjuliob5
Box question....Marc MacDonald3
Kicker cvr 12andrew foxall16
Advice on if this is a good sub amp comboAlpine Thumpin3
Three Amp'sJD19
Memphis Amp!bassman375
Amp to power 2 12" Arsenalz........juliob20
My legacy ice 2000w amp wont turn onjuliob5
Would 400 RMS Be Too Much?juliob22
I really need advice on wut subs and amp to getjuliob68
Orion XTR 2150juliob6
What type of amp juliob3
What ampjuliob5
CVX questionjuliob6
Oldschool alpine amps for sale 35watts x2 Jexx1
Pheonix Gold x400.1 HelpSeth Lowe18
Rockford powering 2 assassin'scam' koldra11
Amp for 2 M3'sjuliob8
Soundstream Ampsjuliob4
Amp and sub helpjuliob3
What is a good amp for two type-R 4ohmsjuliob15
Are boss amps any good?bassman321
Memphis PRD 1000.1 powerbassman34
I have a question can nebody help me?????bassman36
Kicker zx amp?juliob16
Is a McIntosh MC425 Amp of any use in my planned set-up? Advice ple...juliob5
2 power cables or distribution block?juliob6
OT-Nathan PeddicordJexx2
QUANTUM AUDIO Q800.1Josh Smith2
SUBS PICKING UP WHINE>???????/\/\ike8
2000 watts for 300$Josh Smith1
Two 10's over one 12?Jexx6
I need help fastbassman37
2 power cables or distribution block?IcePick9
OT head unit helpTroy Stafford4
Can my alternator handle this?TiggerBoi873
ARC AUDIO 1500-XXK for SALE [...Rovin...]10
Pioneer amp prs-x340juliob3
94 Suburban by pass amp?Gwen1
Anyone selling a 550-600watt amp????bassman35
A nice 500 watt ampBrian Lepus24
X400.1 amp...AudioSavings?Kyle Obright5
Wiring diagram for alpine spr-17LSandrew shroom1
Help please quickty mutlow2
Type RF X6 ampjuliob10
What is this?Chauncey Drinon10
Micro Amps for a Motorcycle, any recommendations?juliob2
Audiobahn 8002t ampjuliob5
Alpine PDXjuliob2
My amp keeps staying in protection mode?John Fiacchino10
CROSSFIRE 1000d ****CHANCEY****John Fiacchino1
CROSSFIRE 1000dJohn Fiacchino1
Diffrence between the twomarc10
Over $200!!1Zulkir13
What are some good subsjuliob11
Which would sound better/what should power these?juliob10
Help with Alpine 3572v!dj d3cib3l4
Help on new ampmarc7
Grounding QIsaac2
Antenna wire Cause distortion?bassman32
Audiobahn amp A8000Tjuliob11
Wire quetionsbassman32
JL 500/1 help?????juliob7
Directed 1500d amplifierjuliob2
How would i wire this?bassman313
Is this the right object to use wen havin a car amp in a houseJexx7
Low Pass HELP!!!bassman33
How to hook up to car sterio?bassman37
Another stupid questionJexx5
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