How to hook up to car sterio?


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I have a 2003 dodge dakota with a factory stock infinty sound system in it. how do i wire my amp to it?

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Does it have RCA outs??

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it should. most new cars have RCA pre-outs.

1. take power wire and hook it to the pos of battery
2. run it through the firewall is under your floor panel (thing that you step up onto when u get into car) and run the power wire to the amps "pwr" termianl
4. take your RCA's from the input of the amp and run them to the output of ur stock HU, there should be aplace where you plug them in. (you can run this on the opposite side of the car but you can run it with the power wire on that side. some people think that you will get rca interference or engine noise but its just a myth. i kno tons of people who have ran tons of RCA's with the power wire and doesnt do anything.
5. Take the blue remote wire, hook it in the remote terminal on that amp anmd run it to the HU's power atenna wire (so that the amp will turn on and off as the car does) --- its usually a blue wire with a white stripe, but not always. sometimes its a solid blue wire
6.take the ground wire, and run that from the "grnd" terminal on the amp to a good grounding location on the chasis of the vehicle. make sure you sand down the paint wherever you are going to ground it so that the wire grounds to solid metal. you can take a bolt and attach a ring terminal to the ground wire and bolt it down to that spot.

Turn the amp on and then use speaker wires to hook up the sub(s)

---remember, this is if your HU has RCA outputs, if it doesnt, you need to buy an lineout converter

anyone else can add anythin

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that took awhile to type^^^ damn.

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Good info, bassman.

Though I've never seen a stock head unit with RCA pre-outs...

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really? i have seen some. i think the newer model cars might have them... not 100% sure though. like i said, if he doesnt have them he can buy the converter :-)

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aaron, are lookin to buy a new HU?
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