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Sony is the best car stereo manufacturerIsaac W.3
Anyone wanting to get rid of an amp?Brian Beadle2
Blown amp?marc8
Is this possible?Billy Franz5
Wiring up two batteries or getting a new oneEric Sony1
Line out questionhigh astro7
2 Alpine SWR-1042D TYPE R Subs 2006 NEW 2000 WATTChase Freeman5
A question?????Abe4
Protection lightMike11
JL 500/1 on Two CVR's ?ty mutlow7
CURIOUS ... why ?Maris4
Help! type-r's looking for helpctmike13
4ohm amp troublekevin ballance4
Jl Amp getting super hotmixneffect14
4ohm amp troublekevin ballance1
Amp for AssassinsEseEsai5
FUSION AMPChase Freeman16
Just ordered audiobahn a8002trick quigley1
Amp troublekevin ballance5
0 gaugeb p26
Amps for salematt wonnacott9
2 Jl Audio e1200 to power 2 12w3v2??ty mutlow6
How to connect subs to this ampty mutlow3
2 channel amp wiringty mutlow4
Quick Newb Amp QuestionAlex Barre5
IS THIS A GOOD AMP????Alex Barre5
Can I connect two 15" subs to i channel amp?Alex Barre6
Good 1 ohm stable amp?Alex Barre7
Memphis 1000D for saleIsaiah1
Wierd Amp ProblemJexx2
How to connect subs to this ampAman Singh1
JL Audio 10W7?Maris9
Is this a good deal?Chris Maskell1
How to hook up subs by attaching them to your rear speakersmixneffect4
Is it wrong to lustr over a Amp Instal kit?mixneffect8
Remote wire help - Quick questionBrandon4
Whats goign on with my sys?Troy Stafford2
Amp wiringty mutlow12
Kicker zx2500.1 vs. orion 2500dty mutlow2
Sony is the best car stereo manufacturerChase Freeman9
Alternator Power questionbassman34
Quick amp control questions.bassman37
How to hook up subs by attaching them to your rear speakersdalton keeler1
ALPINE 3512robboz1
Amp(s) to power two 15 in kicker compvx'sKkali8
Amp help!JC6
Question!RICK SALAI8
Infinity amp QuestionsA-Hype9
Chaun Chaun ChaunceySteven Norris1
A6004V for sale!akamigs13
Quick Gain control questionSteven Norris3
Amp for jl xr 650 csi : suggestions pleasesinx11
High Output Alternator ?...bassman316
OT a littleDUB C4
2 Type-R's(4ohm)+lanzar VIBE286 amp or 268Jay11
Wat gauge?S.P.D4
3 amp questions!Winn2
Hook up of 2 ampsbassman35
Hypnotic subwooferKevin Powers1
Maybe new ampOrion HCCA1
Isnt 1 Ohm Load Bad?????bassman35
Holy CARAPTroy Stafford5
JL W6 10" subs............steven carter13
What's the louder Set-up???? RE vs. JL and Boston AcousticsRoland Berthiaume6
Chauncy i want your opinion[]D A []D19
Audiobahn A8000Vbassman39
Need to power my type-r'sbassman310
Setting up a amp bench?Rave'n6
350w 4ohm mono amp? arg!Seth Lowe8
What gauge wire?Bryce Gesser12
PPI PC21400.2Winn6
Good 600 watt @ 2 ohm amp suggestionsWinn7
Powering up some arsenalsMike5
Will this amp be good for this Sub??Chauncey Brown2
Need some help pleaseLA4
What gauge wire?James G2
1000 wrms @ 1 ohmD. K.13
Multiplying 600rms!!!!!Chauncey Brown5
What watt amp and what brand and what everything... to buy??rob kollay1
Amp suggestions anyone??ctmike4
1 ohm vs 2 ohm or 4ohm ??? ctmike12
Sony is the best car stereo manufacturerBrett Nickle1
Is this amp good to power my CVRSdrivingreckless11
How many RMS watts does my amp need to power two 450rms subs (900r...Chris Maskell5
EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!!johnny lemoine6
Amp going on protectmarc8
Setting up a amp bench?Rave'n3 'authorized' brax/helixSeth Lowe18
Distro block ?Brandon6
Hifonics 2005D?TJ13
Autotek or HifonicsJMLFW1
Amp for arsenal???MO24
Alpine MRV F545 any 1 had 1 or want to sell 1killerzracing717
Enough Power??[...Rovin...]2
Audiobahn amp ?sTroy Stafford3
ZX1000.1 VS kx1200.1ctmike8
Cheap amp for these hi fi speakers matt1
Wat Amp to power my CVR12s?TJ37
Kicker vs audiobahnbassman312
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