A, B, D Amps: WHAT??


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OK now I feel stupid.

What is the deal with the letters. I have read some info about the types but it didn't make much since.

A amp
B amp
AB amp
D amp

What do these mean??

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Section 100

1.Class A amplifiers are very inefficient and produce lots of heat because there is a large amount of current flowing through the output transistors even with no audio signal.
2.Class B amplifiers are more efficient but will have a 'notch' distortion.
3.Class AB amplifiers are moderately efficient (depending on bias current) but notch distortion is eliminated by the idle (bias) current.
4.Class D amplifiers are very efficient but are generally used for non high fidelity or subwoofer applications.

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Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that class AB amps are multi-channel and class D amps are mono-channel.

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^^nope......class A/B amps are mono too (1 channel). Work similarly to the class D amplifiers, but class D are more efficient. That means they use the most available power and stay the coolest in most cases.

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Class D amps dont need as much current draw to make a givine amount of power as a Class A/B amp with the same power.

Class A/B amps produce cleaner power though:-):-)

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Thanks, there was an A/B amp Titan from Hifonics I was thinking of buying since my D brutus was fried.

Thanks again. The info really helped

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Have 900 watt/4 channel amp. What is best method for hooking up 2, 12" subs and factory speakers. Thanx in advance
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