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Please help!!ricky7
Watts quick questionJake Musrtadi13
Amp and subs watt questionJake Musrtadi10
Buzzing from ampty mutlow2
Infinity amp...true power???ty mutlow7
Amp for Type-Rty mutlow6
Ohms and an amp helpty mutlow2
Installing Ampty mutlow8
Best of these ampsJake Musrtadi3
Kicker or orion amp????redbone18
How can i bridge?JK6
Would an ED nINE.1 b ideal?Trevor Eaton4
Amp problems. Not enough power?Bies088
Alpine ampsBies088
Whats better then a Orion 2500DCasey Wood7
Amp for alpine Type E subCasey Wood2
Place to get wiring kit Brandon Marthinsen3
Best SPL? Alpine or Kicker? Two twelves or one 15?Chauncey Brown8
Fuse HolderLukas Hoffman3
Read this please, it's for my friend!* Rovin *6
Wiring kit Brandon Marthinsen1
Who would you choose??ty mutlow14
Top 5 best amps 2000 wattsChad Lee22
Johnathan or isaac..or anyone elseChad Lee12
Can this cause a fire?B4
ORION 2500d rms powerty mutlow18
Anyone have AIM that wants to help a rookDaniel1
I am new to Car Audio.... Give me the 101blaine westropp5
Suggestions on amp for 2 audiobahnsjohn leabu18
Amp sub help* Rovin *4
Amp suggestion 4 nice set upty mutlow3
Need help wiringty mutlow2
Caps?? why??Seth Lowe10
Rockford fosgate x7 rfPaul Swanston6
Need suggestion on an ampChauncey Brown25
What well known amp do you recommend?ty mutlow14
New 15 L7's need some powerChauncey Brown5
Lights dim a little bit when I play it at about half volumePanamanian6
Kicker KX 1200.1 for two Type-R 12's?matt thigpen4
Class a/b or class d ?* Rovin *2
WIRING MY SUBjohn leabu3
Hifonics amp???john leabu10
Orion WCC - 1600.2 amplifier and Alpine Type-R's 12"?Anonymous8
Premier amp?yes or noblaine westropp1
Worst thing that had happened to you while installing an amplifier?adrian17
Im so confused HELP ME!Kojak282
RF OR ORION AMP>?blaine westropp8
Orion amps..west coast customs??Josh C8
Amp helpKojak282
Phoenix GoldChauncey Brown5
Orion 2500D* Rovin *20
Amp help pleasebullpup14
What to set the Subsonic Filter at?Smitty7
How DO I wire THisReLOaDeD3
Help with Earthquake TNT-300Len Warner4
Soundstrom ampsblaine westropp5
A dual 4-ohm impedance (DVC) runs at 4 Ohms right?ty mutlow3
Upgrading wiring for bigger ampchad alan werry6
Quick Question???Anonymous3
Car Audio Questions...Brandon5
2 channel or 4 channel??????Brandon4
Does Positive and Negative matter on the speakers?Anonymous5
Help PleaseBrandon3
For Sale 2000rms Watts Pheonix Gold amp $200redbone5
Did anyone hear about dragonfly amps?Anonymous6
How to ?Demon Pride2
Please help !Caleb Cassidy1
JL Audio 300/2 amp any good?Jonathan15
Please Someone HelpTurbo1
Orion or hifonicsChauncey Brown4
Which amp true watts?bassman314
Amp what amp do i needkirmoney2
Whats better then a RF T20001BD ampLiL Jon2
Damping factor???? and ohms???Optidriven2
Amplifier power problems, HELP!David Smith11
Amp recomendation?ty mutlow3
Jl audio e1800d good or bad?Matt Dalisay5
Jl audio e1800d does it have real power?Matt Dalisay1
Jl audio e1800d good or bad?Matt Dalisay1
10w7 Chauncey Brown9
Amp/Sub comboChauncey Brown2
HIFONICS??john leabu7
How good is AUTOTEKDan the man6
Check this outtttttCadillacDb7
Which Amp would be The BESTJames Longo3
I need help fast!!!!! ALPINE TYPE X AND AMP!!!Josh C5
I need a kicker, orion, or memphis amp chris frey2
What amp should i usechris frey8
Is Amp Blown???chris frey5
JunkHammer, Pim*p My Ride Buick BACK on Ebay david30
Two boss's real power?Optidriven2
What Kind of amp do i usebassman35
This amp to power 2 12" se's ??????john leabu25
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