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KickerMitch Foxcroft5
New system installed yesterday, wierd soundNick T5
Pls help . SUB BOX junior1
NEED HELP!!!! DD 3500's seriesTrevor Eaton6
Hifonics Brutus 1500hif4
Need to find Power Supply CDJustin Bailey1
DD's price list??? Thankstaylor1714
Orion P12's vs Alpine Type-R 12'sAnonymous1
Boston accousticsSubfanatic8
If box is tuned to 35hz.. and u send a 50hz tone to it... what happ...sean37
Sub box help!!donny keen2
A "Real" Enclosure QuestionJake Hill6
Will 2 12W6V2 get loud?Isaac W.2
Who am i trying to fool?givemebass1
Wiring 2 12" Alpine SubsRyan Silvestri5
Questionlee h4
Db metersean4
Will stock stereo produce distortion that damages subs?Juelz12
Enclosure questionlee h3
2 12in audiobahn ALUM12N vs. 2 12in MTX 4500 Mario L2
How do you tuneJake Hill6
Do i need to up grade?alittlehelp3
JL or Alpine?Brandon riddell2
Jl underated for power handling?Cullen Ashmore3
Engine whine through my subs...howie feltersnatch7
Hey subfanatic.....Matt Ferbend2
PowerbassMatthew Lee3
Wiring my alpines?Jake Hill4
Just bought a 210 altJake Hill2
Alpine type r compared to jlw7Hunter Warren5
Just built a box in 45 minutesdavid hizzle4
A good subwoofer ???taylor177
DB DRAG COMPHunter Warren3
Which are louder?Hunter Warren7
Hey jake hill!Danny Smith3
Ne one have a 12" audiobahn ALUM12N?david alexander8
Watt QuestionChris11
Can you run 2 amps off one battery?Jake Davis6
Sealed or ported?Jake Davis10
REAL QUICK- what is the best way to face subs?Isaac W.5
Orion subsAlpineThumping3
Any complications with 2-channel amp to 4 speakers?Apocalypse3
Another one of those (this vs that)Apocalypse5
Amp for some infinity speakersBillup4
Does anyone have a jl audio 13w7?imthowed1
Avalanch vs Type Xtaylor175
10 inch tangband looks to have a w shaped suroundsean1
Quite possibly the best 10" aroundSubfanatic9
4 IDQ 12 inch or 15 inch with 2 Fosgate T8002, need SQ and SPL.. th...GIassWoIf3
Anyone has hook up for jl AUDIO @ DEALER COST?head-turning-sound-m1
Need help!!!!!!!akash ali khan5
Sealed or ported?Jexxen Trivic3
Some help frank barnosky7
Really need help!Danny Smith1
How many 12s in a trunk..sean5
I need to choose an AMPsean16
Test system...Danny Smith10
Looking 2 12's, suggestions?Brooks Robinson30
Anyone Know A Place??strongcola3
Would this be adequite?Jake Hill4
Weird sound?Joe Smoe6
More stuff for sale/trade from subfanaticJake Hill28
Stroker vs L7Joe Smoe6
Adire maelstromchas d1
Thiele-Small ParametersJoe3256944
2 Alpine 12" tpye R's ... What amp????Mark S5
What subs?Stevie doo4
Tweeter mounting??db-bass1
Enclosure HelpJake Hill3
Guys, check this out...Jexxen Trivic6
Poll: What s better? your opinion.Joe Smoe6
Need troubleshooting help in Maryland/Baltimore/DC area!donny keen2
Best 12" subs for 300$?taylor1712
Xxx boxdonny keen5
2 15" M3 Memphis louder than 2 12" L7s?donny keen8
Why so young?taylor1735
How good is Kenwood?donny keen9
Came up in a convoJake Hill4
What happened to glasswolfJexxen Trivic15
Poll: What s better? your opinion.Jake Hill2
Can anyone help me find a altantor in CA ? Jake Hill5
Yalls opinion wanteddonny keen10
Ebay auciton ending soon.. plz help my buy :-(...pikeshp10
AIR space for a Diamond Audio M6Mikey M13
Sound bass without upsetting the neighbourhood. AlpineThumping5
Eclipse SW9122 vs. Diamond Audio TDX12D4Jake Hill49
What should i tune my box (hz) if i listen to all rap....Possible6
15" soundsplinter RL-P or eclipseTi or others? AlpineThumping8
All these crazy brands taylor174
Is this badIsaac2
How do i know the Ohms of my SubsJexxen Trivic2
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