Would this be adequite?


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im wondering, would this work for about anything i can put into my neon, 2 300 amp alts and 5 yellow tops, one in the engine bay 4 in the trunk?

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gonna suffer some hp loss from those alternators wtf.. use the redtop is more designed to be under the hood than the yellow ... remember to pick up some 000 gauge wire if u do that lol

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You could do it, but it's gonna be hard Sub. Your gonna need a custom bracket to cram that second alt in your engine compartment, and you probably will notice a little more stress on the engine.

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Little more?! One 300 amp will pull it down. One 200 amp will be like running your AC with your stock setup. Gas milage will drop, and so will performance. Your car should have a 60-80 amp stock. I just put a second alternator on my friends S-10, but he had the spot to mount it.

Two alternators on a FWD car is very complicated. It's possible, but it'll cost $. And finding a 300 amp for that car is gonna be hard. You'll probably end up getting a generic one, and having to fabricate a special mounting bracket. The bigger, the badder, and the more expensive. It'll be harder on your engine, and you MIGHT have to get better engine mounts, or you'll have to be careful and give it some TLC.

Also, wtf do you need that kind of setup? You starting a power company? Lol. Good luck man.
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