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Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro!TB1
Rate my Subs!TB11
Ppi ampsJames Longo22
Kicker or JLmatthew5
MONO amp Question....joe ruskowski14
Whining noiseJexxen Trivic3
Amp to match 15" Fusion SubLenny4
James / Subwoofer Tests ?MO3
Cantus amps?Tim3
One channel amps 2 subs TB6
WiringJen Beck1
Quick question about Ohms, Alpine Type RMark S4
Vincent - I won your Art PPI MO24
How much the jl 1000/1 retail for?Isaac Weissenberger12
Ok.... is this even possible?Isaac Weissenberger4
Is there enough power?Jeremy Edwards16
How should I wire my amp?mikechec910
Amplifier suggestionsron1
Can my amp support these subs?PookTC53
What is the "speaker output circuit breaker" in a Soundstream USA 3...Alan Benjamin1
POWER CAPACITORSillusionstudios6
3 subs 1 ampmikechec92
Amp's got me confused...Enrique Giron1
Bass ControlWalter2
Infinity Wiring, please helphelp a guy out!7
Best amp for alpine type x?????Robb5
Buzzing noiseJexxen Trivic2
Hifonics, alpine or good old audiobahnVincent Vang3
Bass ControllerSevin72
JL AUDIO??????fooqa wraich24
Jl audio w3v2 any1 recommend amp??? updatefooqa wraich3
Fuse QuestionJeffrey Davidson2
Best amp under or around 300joe ruskowski3
Kenwood amp for avalanch 15Matt3
Memphis ampIsaac Weissenberger3
Can I bridge these togetherTyler Haaksma4
PPI AmpVincent Vang2
Kicker Kx800.4 amp!KhanI5
I opened my trunk and all i can see is smoke help????lee bolwerk6
HELP!!!David Brunner2
Bet you can't Solve This Riddle ImTheNewPope10
4 channel Amp and subwooferShawn2
2 channel amp - 4 speakers?Fishy9
What amp should i use?!?!?!colin griffiths11
Is MTX 801d amp good enough?ron4
Amp TroubleSubfanatic2
Matching input voltage on alpine ampsMark S2
AmpVincent Vang5
Probably a fairly dumb question, but need an answerIsaac2
Final Amp Questionerik1
3 small ?sVincent Vang16
Phoenix Gold R 2.5:2? Good amp?Jexxen Trivic1
Amp QuestionMike Loudon3
Does this Item look fishy or what??Isaac Weissenberger4
Awesome Amp AssesmentVincent Vang8
Hifonics xxmaxximusjoseph phillips2
3 small ?sJoe Smoe4
Why does my subs/amp turn off?Michael Young19
One output HU and two ampsJerad Lee Hiltunen3
Do line drivers offer a noticeable difference?allende52
What kind of amp should i get to power components?MattM71
Finally Selected My SystemJake Davis4
Orion 400.2Dustin Stock1
Need help choosing an amplifier????mikechec92
Hifonics XX MaxximusJoe Smoe6
Help for a waterpark systemscott DeBaker6
Best way to set up my amps,speakers and sub?jambtt1
Where can i buy zapco amps onlineJeppy Doodle34
Hifonics zx7500Henry Padilla4
Need an AMpJeppy Doodle3
Which Amp? Isaac Weissenberger2
Isaac or anyone with knowledge of orionRoger O4
Kappa Perfect 6.1 ampVincent Vang9
Amp For Home Use??? **Update 2Kevin3
Amp For Home Use??? ** UpdateAnonymous2
What are some good amp names?Jeppy Doodle9
Underpowering my amp.Anonymous1
Ne one heard of american pro????Brandon riddell1
Amp For Home Use????Anonymous2
2-4 channel amp for sub?RDS112
What do I do if.,.RDS112
2 audiobahn 15" subs!Karamjit Singh13
Hey Isaac!!!! Need your advice (again)James Longo14
Anyone use this site?Dan Goodavish3
Eclipse Subs Ohm RatingJoe Smoe3
Bridging amps TraGedy2
Amp RecommendationsTraGedy5
My 4 10's need powerVincent Vang7
Kenwood ampDan Goodavish3
Replacing Laptop For Cd PlayerKyle M4
Hifonics TX1005DRickey1
600.1 hurrycomunale625
Atlas 15 ampdustin pettit6
Amps cutting offallende55
Is this right???bassfishing2
Should I need a new hi output altenator?Ryan Connolly15
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