Amp to match 15" Fusion Sub


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I have a
If you click the tech info, more stats are available on the pdf.

The shop remommended an Alpine MRD-501 AccuClass-D Mono Power Amplifier for AU$700. The brochure says:
550W x 1 RMS [2Ohm @ 14.4V (1%THD)]
275W x 1 RMS [4Ohm @ 14.4V (1%THD)]
425W x 1 RMS [2Ohm @ 12V (1%THD)]
225W x 1 RMS [2Ohm @ 12V (1%THD)]
8.5V Input Capacity
blah blah blah

I havn't used Ohm's law since I was in high school and I can't figure out how to match the figures for the amp to the figures for the sub but the recommended one seems too small to me?

I believe the sub is fairly up there in the quality range and I don't want to hurt it by using an underpowered amp.

With the Sub being 800W RMS and 1600W Max with dual 4 Ohm each voice coils, what Watt and Ohm combination mono amp should I be looking to get?

I intend to bolt the Amp to the side of the sub box and sit it (securely) in the back of my '05 blue suzuki jimny when I don't have need for the back seats... with any luck, it will vibrate the mud off so I don't have to wash it...



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Lenny, I wouldn't use the amp they suggested. Not even close to enough power. As for wiring the subs, do it like this.


You will have a end ohm load of 2 ohms. Get a mono amp that will do at least 800w RMS @ 2-ohms, if not more. It's better to be over the RMS of a sub then under it. Hope that helps.

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I'm glad you agree with me and actually know what you are talking about!

If I stick with the brand of the sub, I think the amp I need is slightly bigger than the but not as big as the

Just running this past you to make sure I'm on the right track...

Thanks for lending your experience!

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I found a list of feasible amps @ and came up with these candidates all with 800W RMS @ 2 Ohm Audiobahn A8000T Boss Riot 1500D MTX Audio Thunder TA7801 MTX Audio Thunder801D Power Acoustik A1000DB
as well as an this 850W RMS @ 2Ohm that I figured was close enough... Kenwood KAC-9102D

I have read that high quality brands sometimes give lower ratings for their amps so that they can get into lower categories in competitions so I'll also add these 750W for opinions sake Rockford Fosgate Power T10001bd and 760W FJL-811D

If any of you can sort this list from most awsome to least awsome from a quality perspective, then I can hit the local shops and see what I can afford.

Any comments on weather any of these amps might clip with the max power of the sub being 1600W would also be appreciated.
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