Do line drivers offer a noticeable difference?


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I also posted this under "EQ and Crossovers"... wasn't quite sure what category this would apply to.


I don't have any complaints about SQ, but now I'm wondering what a line driver can offer my system. Question:

1) Do line drivers make a substantial difference in most cases.

2) If so, would a XO connected after the line driver return the line voltage back to the standard 2 volts?

3) How would I want to wire the line driver if I'm currently setup like this:
HU --> EQ --> XO --> Amps

HU - Alpine CDA9825
EQ - Clarion EQS744
XO - Clarion MCD360
SubAmp - Audiobahn A8000T
MidAmp - Audiobahn A4002T
HiAmp - Audiobahn A2002T

Thanks in advance...

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Oh well. I just bought one, I guess I'll find out this weekend.
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