I opened my trunk and all i can see is smoke help????


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i have a 1000 watt power acoustic amp and it has worked perfect for about 2 and a half months and all of a sudden when i got to school i smelled smoke so i thopught i better cheak and then i opened my trunk and a big puff of smoke came out i have no clue what happened and i dont know how to fix what ever the problem is some one giv me some help

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There's your problem. You have Power Acoustic amp. It is not a high quality amp.
You either shorted out the speaker wire and overloaded the amp, or power problem on the amp.
Be glad your car didn't catch fire.
Check all your fuses and see if the amp still powers up. It's most likely blown.
Not worth repairing. Get a better amp.
BTW, was the amp's gain/level set correctly? Did you meet the minimum speaker ohm requirement?

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hey devin, you should buy an MTX amp like me...lol this is kinda wierd cuz i sit next to you in math class and came across this post. but really if money is a problem, i would get mtx, i got it for pretty cheap and i cant complain.

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Hey, make sure to throw in plenty of in-line fuses during the re-build process so you dont blow yourself up, next time.
Maybe install some fire extinguishers too.
Its serious stuff, 1000 watts. It can kill you.

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yea i found out what happened it is really wird my fuse block blew up the plastic has a bunch of bubles and then my subs blew i just found that out after i tried my amp on some one elses car. can any one help me out i dont know what happend i changed the fuse block out with a new one and i also put a 80 watt fuse in instead of 100 watt i dont know what happend though so if any one can clear it up for me that would be great.

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add up the fuses on the amp, example if your amp has 2x20 AMP fuses on it, then buy a 40 AMP inline fuse. (the fuse that goes by the battery)
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