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i know this might seem long, please take the time to read it....

i got a rockford P4004 amp hooked up in my car, and its really got me confused. i did the install myself, but im pretty damn sure i did it right. anyways, the problem is that when i hooked up all 4 speakers, at low volumes it sounds fine (1 speaker per channel, its a 4 channel amp) . as soon as i turn it up a bit to normal listening volume, not even loud at all, i hear a cracking noise, and its as if the cd skips, but its not the cd, i tested that already. my first theory was that when i noticed this problem and double checked, i noticed i had the wires for my rear left speaker switched, the positive with the negative, and vice versa. so i thought i blew a speaker, but i decided to test it anyways. i disconnected all my speakers at the amp, and i hooked them up one at a time, turn them up really loud, and they work perfectly, all 4 of them (by the way, i got 6" pioneers 4 ways in the front, and 6"x9" pioneers in the back, with a kenwood deck, forgot model #, but thats beyond the point, bascially, my whole system is new and not stock. so now all 4 speakers work perfectly indivisually. i decided to test them in pairs now, so i hooked up 2 at a time, repeated the same steps, turned them up really loud, problems. so now, i decided 3 at a time.....once again, 3 at a time, perfect. at this point, im really tired, but i decide to hook up that last speaker. as soon as i hooked up the last wire, i heard the same cracking noise. i now my battery and alternator are in good condition, i thought maybe my amp might not be getting sufficient power, but i got the battery and alternator checked, they work fine. now the only thing im thinking is a defective amp. and its not just that one channel, i tried mixing up the channels, so i know the channels all work too. i decided after a while, to hook up 2 speakers to one channel. so i hooked up both of the 6" to one channel, and i left the 6x9's to each separate channel. it works fine, all speakers work. im just curious as to why the amp wont handle all 4 speakers when they got their own channel. i talked to this installer at best buy, and he said something about when i hook up the 4th speaker, the resistance becomes too low or something like that, and the amp is defective and can handle it. but when i hooked up the 2 speakers to 1 channel, in parallel of course, the resistance went down from 4 ohms to 2 ohms. (each speaker is 4 ohms) any help would greatly appreciated, i know this was long, but i had to explain it all in detail to let people know wat was going on.
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