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What u thinkquinton simms1
2 12" / 13.5" W6V2 - CANT FUKKN FIND THEM!Joe Smoe7
Do i need an equalizer???Joe Smoe2
Ti Box!sean5
Still no comments on volfenhag you people should listen to them you...Jonathan30
New System!Joe Smoe4
34 inch subJoe Smoe14
Need some help with ideasJoe Smoe4
Check this out guys!Joe Smoe2
Need Measutments for box PLZ Help.James Longo2
Specs for an Audiobahn AW1251TAnonymous2
Kicker l7taylor176
Add polyfill and your box will...Fishy10
1 15" Avalanche or 2 12" AvalancheJames Longo7
Opinions pleaseLoc_out4
Help HelpLoc_out6
Dynamat(asphalt) VS Cascade(Vinyl)Dankman Nuggetz14
Buying subs need help, 2 10s or 1 12?and how powerful:-(...sean9
Kicker 12" L7 questionsean3
Truck style box in car trunk?sean2
Mach 460 Sub/Amp hookup problemsKurtis1
Re x.x.x.Jake Davis11
Which is the better dealSubfanatic19
$$$$$Amps for Sale$$$$$Rob Fox1
12" Alpine type X w/slot ported enclosure for saleRob Fox7
Which is better Alpine type R or Diamond Audio for 10" subs plz hel...Robert1
This guyAnonymous1
Db max quinton simms3
Good low price 10??and low airspace reqLyn Talcott4
Solo Xsmarshall white11
Comp Vr 12's truck boxsean2
Hey sean, sub, jon, or glass help me out.sean2
Infinity 12DVQ or... (adding a sub)Rex2
What is damping?bassfishing3
Its posted on all the other forums...I figured I'd post it here.Joe Smoe3
Any way to do this?quiklee3
What is better?David Jetton4
Atlas experts??db-bass1
YO YO YO amp Q?beje1
13w7adam pitkoff5
Atlas boxAnonymous3
Need some subs and i dont no where i can get a good dealVincent Vang7
Where can i get some good subs that hit hardVincent Vang2
Resonance frequencysean13
Whats the bestquinton simms23
What is your input???Subfanatic4
HELP Repairing the surround on a PPI Flat subDavid Kiehna1
Marshall!!!1!!!one!!eleven!1!!!11!!!marshall white5
Kicker, good deal?new guy16
I want to know if i will be satisfied with two l7 15"S Tom Maccarino2
Good low price 10??and low airspace reqLyn Talcott1
Triple 10" box - I would love to have your opinion!Isaac Weissenberger1
Batterys and alternator, worth it to upgrade?Bryan B8
Quick question Bryan B3
Bd 1000quinton simms4
Ti box! its under constructionFishy4
Best power amp for two 15 inch subsSeth1
8 inch W7 or 10 inch W6v2 with a 250/1Brandon5
About a really custom box in cheorkeemarshall white3
I don't know if it was worth it.Jacob Clabaugh11
Can i do 2 12s vented& 2 12s sealedFishy5
WILL THIS WORK??? or will i blow something upFishy17
One of the most asked questions...Wahl3
Phoenix Gold XENON 600.1 X600.1 MonoN T2
HELP plzzzbeje6
Subs make noise everytime i change tracks on cd playercuspid fo life2
System advice plzzzzLoc_out3
So far no good for kickerDavid Jetton7
Songs with bass!!new guy31
Hatchback vs. regular trunkJonathan3
Four 12"'slucas beckner47
No dividershowie feltersnatch2
This Weeks Stuff for Sale ----Dustin Stock13
Anyone seen a sealed box like this one?Bob Falfa1
Huge trunk vs little trunk help need to knowMO7
Soundsplinter audioChief8
150+DB -------- is it possible ? ? ? ?Nemanja Veselinovic10
Need helpJake Davis2
SPL and SQ?Anonymous3
Box help! SEAN, JON, JAMES,GLASS, HUNTER,RU!, SubFishy13
Sub helpthomas knotts3
Older RF amp for saledb-bass2
Stroker Pro'sJohn Donner1
Will playing with Sub Sonic Filter kill my sub?upsetsubguy20
I need help picking out a amp Demetrius Ellison6
W6v2 vs. w7Demetrius Ellison14
Please helpJoe Smoe10
Eclipse SW8100 Al seriesJonathan3
The best audiobahn systemJacob Clabaugh19
Olds. 2004 Alero anyone???Trevor Eaton5
Re-sale on subsinfinitylova2
New Kicker vs. Older kickerjake winstead35
Which is betterStevie doo1
Sub recommendation for chevy Anonymous1
YOU help me decided on subsphil dunn1
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