Batterys and alternator, worth it to upgrade?


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ok the system i am going to be setting up has two 760w amps now that means at peak power they would be pulling 112amps and around 52amps continus my alt. puts out 37amps but we know the battery can put out around 800-1200amps (give or take) should i upgrade my alt.

now what i have so far learned from these H.O. alternators is they wont really start charching the battery untell 1500 rpms which isnt untell 35 to 40 mph

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yes upgrade your alt, if u dont it wont charge your battery, your battery wont push your system, or anything else, your car will fail

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Your battery can only generate those numbers for a few seconds at a time(starting the car) or it will over heat. Also the battery puts out 12 volts. Most stock alts put out 13.8, and most after market alts put out 14.4 to 15.8. Your alt is too small for even one amp. Your alternator will always be charging your battery if the engine is running. as long as its voltage doesnt drop below 12 volts then it is charging the batt. In your situation i would look at getting something in the 175 amp range. Also, you will want to eventually upgrade your power and ground wires for your alt to battery.

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Yes, the guys are right, a HO alt is a must. What the hang are you driving anways? A 37 amp alternator... is it a Go-Kart?

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how much do HOs usally cost?

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$150 to $250 depending on size make and model of car. Most of the ones I have been looking into anyway. That was for a 150 amp alts. 1 may have been 200 amp. There is another thread about this same topic that has links to some good sites for them.

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wat about a HO alternator 4 an s10 89 model...i need it 2 be able 2 put out at around 200 amps lol

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ok with the amps i am getting they should pull 40 to 55 amps continus when i have the stereo cranked this place in my town sells 94 amp alts for $53.00 BUT they tell me that HO alts wont charge your battery untell 1500 rpm which is around 30 to 35 mph. o and i am driving a 1979 GM
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