Re x.x.x.


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who makes this sub and whats a website i can buy one from

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Resonant engineering make it.

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Username: Basketballinu05

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alright well where can i buy one at

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Call em up. Here's a price list:


screw RE, go with sony. they are the best company in the world, they sell a whole massive range of electronics. do you think your ps2 or psp is a piece? no you don't, you know it is top of the line stuff the second you bought it. so what makes you think their car audio stuff will be crap? exactly, you just say that because you all are jealous that sony can be so popular, and so good at the same time. sony is going to take over the world some day, pretty soon they are going to make computer processors that will whipe AMD and intel and the G5 off of the market. you all know it is true, sony reigns supreme, don't bother with these infinity speakers, or these RE subwoofers, or these alpine head units, sony has it all.

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I totally agree with Anon! He knows his $hiznit yo!

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lol obviously there's a sony employee browsing the forums.. ~_-

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Hey on a related note, is RE done moving yet? I want to wait untill there done moving before I place an order.

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Yes, I think they are through, or almost dun moving.
lol,Haven't you noticed that all morons that say crap like that go by the name anonymous? I just think that is funny.

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Yea I was considering selling my 12" x.x.x for some sonys actually. LOL please...

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Hehe ;)
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