150+DB -------- is it possible ? ? ? ?


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Hi, i got 4mtx 1501, and want to get 2 DD9512.
First I wanna get only one dd cause of financials. I'll take the 2ohm DVC and and hook one amp per VC, later when I get the second DD I'll upgrade to double power.

my Q:
Is it possible to get 150 and more with one 9512 and 2xmtx 1501d???
If not will double that do the math???

Also some of you that used DD's give me your thoughts on db's on an good-great install.


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I would say it is quite possable.

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Yea...its possible, but your gonna have to know your stuff. And even then its not gonna be all that easy. Oh...if you had access to a Termlab, you would be way ahead.

What kinda vehicle will this be going in? And are you looking at doin that 150dB in USACi or in dBDrag? (outlaw or legal?)

You may wanna look at 9515's or MT15's, you may have a lil more luck w/ them. Just a thought though...


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Well its BMW compact, But may even go in VW Golf.
I'm from europe, and yes I have access to TL but need to pay up for use of it...
Either way it'll be in a hatchback with I hope enough power (Optima RedTop) and wireing.
I wann do a class street B so and have a pair of woofers so it will be two 12"

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Is that possible with 1st or 2nd setup?

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for power you're gonna need a heck of alot more then a redtop and some wiring....

you'll need a new alternator for sure...especially in a VW or a BMW...a car company doesnt plan for you to put a high end stereo in the car with the amount of power you'll have...chances are your alternator now is under 100amps...

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BMW's have some of the best charging systems.
You dont need to upgrade any of your electrical other an extra battery, which is allowed in that class. Running your system at high levels for extended periods of time would draw large amounts of current thus needing the alternator, since you'll probably only run it at full volume at shows you'll be fine.
I would strap the amps and run the sub mono rather than one to each coil.
With a pair of 95's I dont see why you couldnt do mid 150's with that kind of power.
I tend to agree with marshall if you plan to use only one sub for now, I'd go with a 15.

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factory alternator is 140A. In case I need stronger, I could upgrade it easy, cause a friend does this kind of stuff. But personally I think the 140A should do with 2 amps.

So I should strap the 2 amps and run them at 2ohm? Then I should get the 4ohm DVC, right?
I wanna add the 2nd sub later but wanna be in street B, and that's why I dont want to get the 15".

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I know that, but you can have one 15 in B and when your ready you can always sell the 15 on ebay then buy the 12's.
BTW, I'm a DD dealer. We have quite a few in stock, 1000's, 3500's, 9500's, 9900's. E-mail me if you like. Or I can help you find a dealer closer to you.
Either way, yes, I agree your charging system is fine. And yes I would run the amps strapped.
I understand if you only want the twelve for now, besides, 1 12 will be extremely loud anyways.
If you need any help tuning your box or have any questions, feel free to ask or e-mail me. I'll be more than happy to help out a DD customer in any way.:-)

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I already got some offers from a european dealer, but if you can beat it, it'll be great.
Please send me a price list for 3500 and 9500 series woofers, 9900 series is just to expensive for me...
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