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Kicker IX402 on some infinity 6000cs comps???would it do???infinity1
Just bought 2 alpine type S subs what amp should i run?????Mark S12
Glass Help Out Everyone CHeck Thsi Out Mono Amp COmparison For two ...nelson5
Glasswolf or any one elsei want to be herd10
High current AMPJustin McLaughlin18
Kicker amp going into protection mode.Justin McLaughlin2
Protect light on and amp wont workJustin McLaughlin2
What do u think Crossfire 2000D and two Alpine Type X'sJustin McLaughlin1
Kicker kx400.1?Tito12
Wire colorsGlassWolf2
Advice please?!beisch1
Power cable too small?Isaac12
Need help hooking up Amp to stock CD playerJeremyC4
Are Profile amps any good?JeremyC2
How to wire car amp for home use?AHMER KHAN4
Amps for 2 12" Kicker L7 Substaylor1716
Amp for eclipse ti 12"Michael S. Tate15
Amp suggestionssniperman1
Will this work, will it be loud, will I really feel it?Jonathan4
Amp for alpine type rRob Fox9
Lookin at a four channel Hifonics amp, good amp or not?Gavin Wynne9
Is this bad for my amp?Donald Byrum jr10
WHAt WiLL sound GoodJonathan2
What subs should i buy to go with my amp?Randyrandy4
GTO 4000 Amp distortingHunter Warren4
Cerwin Vegad1slocate2
Anyone know how to build your own amp?Wahl7
Choosing the right amplifier?Randall Poltz4
Yo Glass, or someonematt4
Amp Installation Location... Suggestions?!?!Chad Agostinelli3
AMP inputMark S1
What kinda of power will an Orion HCCA 225 G5 really put out???Isaac3
Please help. my amp wont turn on!Brandon Jones17
Dual Orion T300 Amp Installation (Please Help)Isaac2
Hookin 2 ch amp to factory head unitIsaac2
Amp sugesstion for 4 brahma 15 seald boxAnonymous3
Will the PHOENIX GOLD 1200.1 handle 4 10" l5lucas beckner5
Help for a new buyer onlinelucas beckner2
Do I really need an amp??Anonymous2
Anyone know anything about MTX Thunder 2160 power amps? Joshua Pepper1
5 chan amp question for the prosIsaac5
How are alpine amps for highs? subs?Anonymous4
Mono Vs Sterio Amps.AHMER KHAN6
How important is preout voltages?RDS113
Is my system causing this?RDS114
suggest Amp/Brand for Bus.Isaac4
Hey Glass, few more ?'s for yaIsaac8
Will my amp handle it????josh walton3
1000W Ampjosh walton4
Need helpIsaac2
To much power?Isaac2
Please helpIsaac2
Amp recommendationsIsaac4
Infinity Amps??Isaac3
Is the MTX Audio Thunder564 a good amp? please helpDonald Byrum jr3
How to wire to subsDonald Byrum jr2
G500A2 Rockford Fosgate AmpDonald Byrum jr3
Clarion DPX1001.1 wiringDonald Byrum jr4
What amp for alpine or shiva?tips13
Logic Soundlab 3000w amp, $100?Mark S4
Phoenix Gold Tantrum (T500.2) ... how stable at what load?LouieV6
Is this Normal.marshall white2
Amp SuggestionOleg Ni13
What kind of Amp do you recommend?Rob C8
Glass, Question for yaGlassWolf2
What amp specifications should i look forGlassWolf2
Determining Watts at ohmsGlassWolf4!!GlassWolf5
Three 10 inch L5's to one amp????Krijgy7
My ampKrijgy5
Lighting audio ampKrijgy2
Amp for Focal 165W and 690CADan K3
WHAt WiLL sound Gooddan ricci5
JBL GTQ 190 - 4/3/2 FOR SALEMMcCay5
Best way to hook up amp?Isaac2
AMP to power 4 interior speakersIsaac3
2 12" Infinity Subs and a 500watt MTX amp Installation Help!!lee bolwerk5
Quick Question... AMP/SUB ComboIsaac2
Does any one think this is a good sub & amp matchIsaac6
Newbie Problem, Please Help Jonathan, Glass, AnybodyIsaac5
What should i do?Isaac2
So i got rear ended...uh ohIsaac5
Fuse sizesGlassWolf2
What is this?GlassWolf2
Glasswolf amp questionGlassWolf6
Amp for Focal 165W and 690CAChristopher Jeffrey 2
What amp for sub and componentsaaron argent5
What Jl Audio amp configuration could I use for 2 12" W3v2'sJeremyC2
[urgent] help with wiring my subsJeremyC3
Help needed for a SQ setupdan ricci7
Pros & cons of 2 subs on a mono amp?Cutty7
Help To Build A SystemJohn Smith2
PPI or Hifonics???Which AMP1
Amp For JL Sub?Raphy Zamora3
Orion HCCA 225 HelpKevin1
Input levels rms or maxIsaac2
Most Powerful Amp at around 400-550$$Isaac8
Kicker amp questionIsaac8
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