Dual Orion T300 Amp Installation (Please Help)


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Hi, I need some help. I have 2 orion t300 (300watt) amps, 2 12" orion xtreme 500 rms dual voice coil speakers, 2 1 farad voodoo capacitors and a Sony explode deck I would like to install. I have no clue what to do so this is what I was thinking. Running 4 gauge wire from the batt to the back of my van into a distribution block, split into 2 wires to the capacitors then to the amps? Another one of my questions is that there are two hookups on each speaker that are currentl bridged together(there's wires connecting the two) so should seperate them and run one amp to one set of voice coils(one on each speaker) then the other amp the the other set of voice coils(one on each speaker) so both amps right channels are on one speaker and both amps left channels are on the other speaker? Or should I leave them bridged and just run each amp to its own speaker. This is my first semi-proffesional install so any help, suggestions, diagrams or directions would be greatly appreciated!!

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I hope you bought the amp power wiring kit. Most of the things you need to know and do is in that instruction sheet. Your amp should also come with one. Anyhow, 4 gauge wire is good enough for your setup. Make sure you have a fuse near the battery. The capacitor should be as close to the amp as possible. Wires no longer than 12". Your ground wire should have solid contact with your car chassis, if not, you will pick up engine/alternator noise.
As for your 2 subs, you need to know whether they're 4ohms DVC or 2ohms DVC. You mentioned that they're already bridged. All that means, assuming it's 4ohms DVC, each sub is 2ohms. So over all, your 2 subs will either be 1ohm total or 4ohms total depending on the wiring.
Do not connect separate amps to each voice coil. You will increase the chance of damaging it.
If you're planning to use both amps, then connect each speaker not voice coil to each amp. And watch the speaker and amp's ohms. You have to make sure you don't exceed the minimum requirement.
One last thing, leave the 2 voice coils on each sub bridged. It sounds like it's 4ohms dvc.
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