Does any one think this is a good sub & amp match


lewisburg tn
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ok ill start by telling you i have no idea on what im doing i just want a very hard hitting system for under $2000 so if this set up makes no sence then feel free to give me your in put ok im 23 and all i ever had was hand me down sounds but here is what im thinking of buying for my high top chevy van
ok here it is
#1 my head unit jvc kd-lh1000 cd receiver 50 x 4
#2 lightning audio strike lsd10 1 farad digi cap
#3 2 hifonics bx1000d brutus class-d 1 channel amp
$245 each $490 for both
#4 2 rockford fos power hx2 rfr3112 12's dvc 2-ohms 150-1000 rms & 2000 peak
$350 each $700 total
now i have been told that 2ohm dvc can be wired to a 1ohm load so please let me know cause thats why i picked them amps. now my next thing is do you think i would need another bat and a bigger alt if so please let me know also do you think this is a nice setup if not please give your in put like i said i have not bought nothing so if you know some thing that would be better let me know last thing let me know if this will give me that hard bass that raddles windows[LOL] thanks in advanced for any info

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there're better alternatives for similar prices:

1. Pioneer deh-p960mp $400
2. you can get a cheaper 1 farad cap, do you really need one anyway?
3. i guess for the price, you can stick with those hifonic amps, but look into Rockford fosgates, too
4. subs, definitely get RE triple X for that price, i have confidence that glasswolf knows what he's talking about :-)
5. you'll need a 1 ga amp kit, which can run over $100 as well

lewisburg tn
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ive looked around and i can not find them for sale do you know of any web sites???????

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you can't find the RE's? i posted their website above and here's their phone number, you can order from them directly.

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Yeah, you can't contact them by e-mail because their internet is down or something. Call them directly. That's how i ordered mine.

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If you're going to get a new HU, get the one that plays dvd and surround sound. There's not much difference in price.
As for sub amp, are you set on getting Hifonics? They're not the greatest for your money. On paper, all the amps sound similar, but they don't perform the same. You might want to read up on Zapco brand even if you're not buying it.
Have you thought about leaving some money for HO alternator for your car? With 2000W, you will need it for sure along with 0 gauge power wires.
If I were you, I'd invest in the HO alternator, new power wiring and excellent component speakers before you run out of money. You can start with 1 amp then add 2nd later after your car's power is stable.
If not, you're just asking for car problem.
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