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Where to buy sub grills?Jonathan8
Help picking subsjustin crossno1
Jon or glass.... box for 2 12' idmaxJonathan2
Wow a complete Audiobahn System, I am gettin' this!!!taylor scott8
2 JL W0 10" or 2 ADIRE Shiva?Anonymous1
Bass questionGlassWolf2
How to stoptaylor scott2
What is better?Anonymous1
1 or 2 ported boxesAudionoob134
JL Audio 10W3v2 or Adire Shiva?#301
Glass/Someone knowledgeable: amp for two 10" Alpine Type-R'sPatrick Kelly5
Help choosingAnonymous8
Volfenhag vs Rockford Fosgate?GlassWolf6
Best Choice?GlassWolf2
Need some good bass spl demo music??GlassWolf5
Wow... its like chinese!Corey McDonald4
Older RF subsAnonymous5
X.x.x vs. w7GlassWolf6
Power acoustic pa-10sKrell6
Can I get your opinions?????Jason Mahan3
Shiva vs. TempestJeff Loughrey2
Brahma Sub from Powered4sound.comtafkam5
Two different amps for same subsJoe Robidoux1
good prefab box brandsHelp3
Best amps for X.XX GlassWolf10
Whats the difference between a subwoofer and an speakerAaron12
HAHAHA Check out this sub!!frunjie slappity bin9
Getting subs and amp, a couple questions firstAnonymous12
Db loss from explorer to rivieraAaron15
Simple but Sweethiphopanonymous2
Want good SQ, inexpensive 10 inch sub: helphiphopanonymous2
Dont know what to go withryan c.3
2 15" Brahmas...Need Amp Fast!!!jeremie boop3
Subs behind truck seat. PLEASE RESPONDryan c.12
Sub dilemaJeffrey D6
2 12'' Adire Shiva's vs. 2 15'' Rockford's Hx2's...Jeffrey D4
Whats that one program...Jonathan3
JL 12w6 and RE X.XXHincklNutt4
Stuff to sellJeff Loughrey3
Custom Sub grillesJason Mahan1
Is There a 900 Watt Amp I can Go With?Danny5
What happens when subs get wet?Nick7
Seperation in box or not?! Help needed!Aaron10
Lighting audioHunter Warren6
Fiberglass questionsean s4
Brahma subsAudionoob134
I have a 1001bd rf amp what subs/sub to runSean Gallagher9
New systemJeff Loughrey7
L7 good for a daily driver?Joseph13
2 brahma 12's sql box?yep2
Rockford Fosgate substafkam5
Probox rocks questionWahl3
Rockford fosgate HX2 12''Braddon Calloway11
Will poly-fill catch fire in box?Aaron2
Adding L7 or L5Ben Naked8
Purpose of a boxAaron5
Is this how i wire my subJeff Loughrey2
Enclosure Problems , whats the difference?Skrilluh3
What happens when subs get wet?Jeffrey D2
Kenwood Tornadoseddie perez1
New System...Danny1
Which ported box should i make for 4 kicker cvr 12?j-dub dub1
Wiring costsAnonymous10
You know you ALL want this subJeff Loughrey1
MA Audio MA121XQ or JVC CS-WG1200Anonymous1
Stroker oryep2
Box for RF HX2'sSteven4
Best subs?Steven4
Problum need help please!Elecgenius5
RMS of 6KW--- what do u think GlassWolf8
Re XX.X vs. jl w6v2 (12's)GlassWolf5
Good amp to drive subwooferssean s2
Sony XSL121P5 with which amp?mattjk8
OHHHHH!! found box for 2x15's for camarosElecgenius2
Adire Audio Tempest or Stick with 1 shiva?Prajesh Prajapti1
Need to know how to wire 2 x 4ohm dvc subs for a 2ohm load on a sin...ThatGuyYouKnow3
Blow-ThroughBid d5
Whats the difference between a subwoofer and an speakerJonathan Windle Kirk1
Xtant A1240AThatGuyYouKnow5
Kx800.4 and comp vr 2ohm dvcjeff b7
Opinions Needed, 10" Brahma!!!Jeffrey D2
Sound dampening materiallucas beckner8
Need help deciding on Alpine Type-X SubwooferDamien Roberts3
Being Heard!!!j-dub dub6
Need a new system for SQ and SPL.taylor3
Whats better audiobahn or JVC?Anonymous1
JL 12w6...good choice?Aaron2
JVC good choice?Anonymous1
Whats A Good Amp For Polk Momo MM12Fosgate Monster Audi1
Is this righttaylor6
How is JVC?joejoe1
Hooking up 1 12" subsean5
Quad coils?hiphopanonymous1
What do you think?Jhawk1
Need new subs. HELP me pleaseneedadvice1
Shiva vs. tarantula What is betterpeter griffin1
RF Punch P3'sBryce Mitchell2
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