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going to cost 520 bucks to install and wire head unit, 2 subs, 2 amps and components, along with wiring kits they will provide ...

how badly am i getting ripped here .. (rhetorical question)


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wooooooooaahhhhh. i think that too much. unless they make fiberglass enclosures for every single speaker and sub.. ive gone to shops where they charge from 70 to 150 on the job to do it. quality hook ups too. i guess i dont know florida prices though. i think u should start a new thread asking for price in florida. or someone who lives in florida

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lol...thats wayyy too much...do it yourself man..not only will that help you for further installs it will save you um lets say 450$-480$$
its just my opinion but hey if you have 500 bucks just laying around i hope the subs and amps you're installing are worth 520$ to install..

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Buddy,You can install them yerself,and they'll probally stay installed longer than they would if some ripp-off company did it.I installed all my stuff,all you need is a wiring kit from radioshack,some pliers,and wire strippers,and maybe a friend or too(makes installation faster)Let me know if you need to know how to wire anything ,thats my specialty,until it comes to subs.Good-luck

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Yea, all you reall need to do is wire your front speakers, your ilumination, 12v and accesorry for the head unit, then run some 4 gage and the rca's to your trunk, if you have a buddy, or your dad or what ever, i bet you could do it in 2 hours...and with 500$ your saving, could ya send it to me so i can buy a 15'' Brahma :D

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I'll install it for $500!!!!!! I bought my amp wiring kit for $139 and did it all myself. Thats WAY too much money man.

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lol. sell ur subs and get some jensens at circuit city so they GIVE U A FREE INSTALLATION WITH SUBS VALUED OVER 550 J/K

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well, what i have is

kicker kx1200.1amp .. rated at 1510
2 kicket l7 10" DVC 4 ohm subs
jl xr650-csi component speakers
jl 300/2 amp
alpine 9831 head unit

all sitting here ...

i would do it myself, but im afraid that if i mess up some how that I will blow my amp or something ... and im not sure how to run the wire to the battery, how to ground stuff .... how to put the wire harness for the head unit in place properly ... i mean... i can build computers pretty easily and program (computer science major), and wire home stereo stuff ... but im just so afraid ill ruin my equipment ...

and im not sure how to run the wire to where it should be ... ie .. going under my seats, or having to take my seats out, ... not sure about what wiring i will need from head unit to amp that will power the components, or what kind of wiring that will go from amp to components ... basically, i need a tutorial on everything and i cant really find any in-depth complete ones online ...

they said that it would be around 150 for the 4 gauge wiring kit ... comes with distribution block, fuse, and some other stuff...

i have a 2002 silverado w/ a custom box that goes under the seats ...

i know how to wire the subs to the amp according to charts, but thats about it ... anyone want to talk to me or help me outside of the forum... either through AIM or e-mail ? if so .. my aim: sleeepyhed (yes 3 e's)... or e-mail: alex.kintis@worldentertainment.net

btw, i know that 500+ is a HUGE ripoff, but i guess i get a sense of satisfaction that this place (audio excellence) does it all the time and stuff ....

but i really do want to do it myself so i know whats going on and how to fix it, but again .. just afraid that i might ruin the equipment

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unless they are running gold wiring instead of copper you are getting ripped off, check out www.bcae1.com for all the info you could need

if youre a cs major and you can build comps, you can definitely install a system. it is very basic.
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