Volfenhag vs Rockford Fosgate?


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im new to the car audio but i really wanna get into it.... i heard a RF system at best buy the other day and it sounded reaalll good. ive heard good things about both but i dont know which to go for? concidering the volfenhags are cheaper i can get 15's on my money limit but how would the 12 inch volfenhag ZX4712DVX compare to the 12 inch rockford fosgates P212S4 punch?

also what would be a good amp to use with each?

thanks in advance

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also... whats the difference between 2,4,and 8 ohms?

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first of all, since youre new to car audio i suggest you hold out on purchasing ANYTHING yet. there is alot to learn and many other options besides the two brands you mentioned. what is your price limit? and for the time being, just go up and down this forum and read up on some topics that sound interesting. that is IF you want to get into it. if you just want to know which system to get and then never worry audio again, than tell us how much you ave to spend and we will point you in the right direction but the ultimate decision is yours. also include your vehicle, what youre looking for (sound quality or loudness), and if you plan to purchase online (which is the smart way) or buy from a shop.

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my limit is around 600-700 dollars.... and i will be getting a 1997 GMC seirra ext cab.

i want a fairly loud system that can turn heads but at the same time i want it to sound good. i also plan on buying online, unless i can get a discount at a nearby shop

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oh yes... i forgot to add i need a new reciver, one that has rca inputs for my mp3 player... so i guess i will up my limit to 800

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get a head unit that accepts MP3/WMA media on CDR-RW
that way you don't need aux inputs, or a portable mp3 player in the car.
alpine does offer a module to adapt an iPod to their head units though
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