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Rca cablesDuaneB1
2JL12W7&JL1000/1 4 SALEGlassWolf3
I really must apologize in advance (need a bit of advice)GlassWolf6
JBL 180.2 stopped workingGlassWolf11
Good Amp to power these subs!Trenton Thomas3
Fuse/Wire Question about KX1200.1GlassWolf11
MA v's JL v's RF v's Kicker v's AudiobahnGlassWolf28
Need an amp 1000 watts True RMSGlassWolf15
...more on capacitors in carsGlassWolf3
Jonathan V's GlassWolfGlassWolf46
Bridged vs normalGlassWolf2
Wiring helpGlassWolf3
Bridged vs normalGlassWolf3
Amplifier shot?GlassWolf5
Low output with amp installation using 12" mtx thunder 8000JR Mathes7
Wiring helpJohn Forker1
KX1200.1 vs SX1250.1GlassWolf3
Need help with the amp wiresJeremyC12
Boston AcousticsJeremyC5
Amp AdviceJeremyC2
Jbl ampGlassWolf2
Amp helpPatrick D.1
What Size Amp Do I Need??!??!?Jennie McIntyre3
Hey all i need some helpGlassWolf2
Amp Power supplyGlassWolf6
AMP problemGlassWolf5
Proper wattage?GlassWolf2
Volfenhag ampsGlassWolf8
4 speakers 2 channel amp?GlassWolf4
Amp goes into protection modedavid hizzle5
How Much Current DrawMichael Albonese18
Sony explod 350rms mono ampJulio11
Need help choosing an appropriate amp...johnny lemoine17
I need amp helpBadAzzBowtie9
What AMP!GlassWolf4
Is this Rockford Amp any good?Pat Lorenz6
Is it a good idea to buy amps off ebay???Pat Lorenz7
Best bang for the buck 4ch ampGlassWolf9
DC offsetGlassWolf4
How are power akoustik amps?GlassWolf6
Will this workGlassWolf9
Some1 please answer thisGlassWolf3
I need a suggestion Jonathan3
Old school MTX 2300X thunder!!!!Fishy2
Would 1 jbl 1200.1 be good enough for 2 12 Adire Brahmas?BadAzzBowtie3
Amp shuts offnothing1
Need advice for short bed tacomaBadAzzBowtie7
AMP Not working rightjeremy pickens5
Amp sizeGlassWolf2
Batt. or Alt....what do i need, i'm going CRAZY here!!!GlassWolf6
Narrowed To Three, Any Suggestions Or Comments Please...GlassWolf2
Pyramid 400watt ampChristopher Willings3
Subwoofer Wiring HelpJonathan2
Planet audio BadAzzBowtie6
Dual Voice CoilsSteve Kohon3
Rental needs a system 4 roadtrip...URGENT need help by 10/13/04Jamie Richard19
Crossfire amps??? any good?Bassboy3
1600.2 HLab audio engine?whatever2
Power Acoustic problem please help!!!!!!!Doogkie3
Zapco symbilinkGlassWolf8
Sub makes a popping noise when car startedGlassWolf2
Amp to power alpine 10seric3
How do i wire these subs to this ampjeremy pickens4
Amp rattles?Jonathan?Fishy?jeremy carson9
M350 vs ZR240Craig S1
Whats wrong with my ampGlassWolf4
Sad but funny observationGlassWolf12
Great price on JBL BP1200.1's!!!!! no joke $199, i just got two!!!jeremie boop2
P3001 good amp?johnny lemoine2
Linking two sub ampsFishy2
Alternator sizeGlassWolf4
No Sound..Help!!!!!mason7
Are Soundstream amps any goodFishy2
Dimond Amps?BadAzzBowtie6
Where can i buy these subs?GlassWolf4
Amp Voltage ratingGlassWolf5
Glasswolf.... you got me thinkingGlassWolf3
Amp for 2 300 watt rms subs. DVC 2ohm or 4ohmjeremie boop2
Help Please! I'm starting up....Donald R2
Battery or alt???Donald R2
Calibra subs??Shawn Ramsunkar1
How many watts?Fishy6
Fuses Keep blowingAlias6
Help Please! RF 440 works intermittentlyDavid1
Need some help on what amp to getrob krueger1
Subwoofer Wiring Helpjeremie boop3
Ground WireJuggalo Jeff3
Will this kicker amp power my subs?Fishy2
What amp for 2 aw1208t?audiobahn user1
High output alt??Don Jones3
Sub doesn't work when the car is running!!!Fishy7
Setting crossover frequency on amp?Fishy2
Is it possible??Fishy3
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