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i have an alpine type R 10 svc 4 ohm, powered by a 200x peak kenwood 2 ch amp, bridged..... there is a stereo/mono switch.... now in another thread you said the ideal setup for a svc 4 ohm sub is a stereo amp, should switch the amp back to stereo or is mono just fine.... and why won't a mono amp work... i was looking at buying the jl audio 500/1 mono amp, but if mono is not good for my sub... you got me second guessing everything!

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The 500/1 will work. Just be careful with the gains/ bass boost since you'll be overpowering things a bit. The 500/1 is not your typical monoblock amp. It puts out about the same power from 1.5-4 ohms. Most monblocks do their best work at 2 ohms and most 2 channels at 4 ohm bridged, thats why a 2 channel or "stereo" amp was recommended for your application.


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by stereo I meant a 2 channel amp.
it'd ideally be bridged.
the JL is an exception to the rule because of it's unique regulated output stage.
power doesn't alter when load is varied between 1.5 and 4 ohms, so you'll get a solid 500 watts anywhere in that range with the 500/1

otherwise, using a mono amp would generally result in half of the amp's full power with a single 4 ohm load.
This has advantages, but if you need the power, you want to get a 2 ohm load at the amplifier.
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