4 speakers 2 channel amp?


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I have 2 polk 6x9s 300w and 2 polk 61/2 180w and a 600w 2channel xplod amp. can i hook all 4 speakers to this amp? please help!

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You can, I think that amp is rated stable to 2 ohms, but I'm not sure how clean it will sound. Just run each side in parallel(hook pos and neg f/r together respectively). That will give you a 2 ohm load(stereo) to your amp.

You'll lose fader control this way which might be irritating since most of your sound will probably be coming from behind you with the more efficient 6x9's in the rear.

You can always add a pair of power resistors in series to the 6x9's to attenuate them a bit(mess around with 4-20 ohm values). Depends on what your after, good sound staging or LOUD.

LOUD is definitely the easiest. Just hook em up and crank it.



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I was bored. Here's a VERY rough diagram.



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yes you can wire one 6.5" and one 6x9" to each channel of the stereo amplifier.
now keep in mind the load will only drop on the amplifier for frequencies both speakers produce simultaneously.
example, if both are wired to play full range together, the load will drop.
if you have a midrange and a tweeter together, with a crossover, load doesn't drop.

you may want to consider using some form of filter for these speakers though since you'll have no control to fade or adjust volume between front and rear. this can be a problem unless you L-Pad the rear speakers.

Just to prove a point though, I personally use a single 2 channel amplifier with passive filter networks to run two 12" subs, two 6.5" coaxials, and a set of 6.5" separates all from the same amp.
mostly just to show it can be done, if it's thought out.

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