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Ight dudes this is the deal. If you want to see my setup visit The audio system ive got setup is a sony 1600 watt p5 amp and two sony 12" p5 subs. Ok i cannot freakin figure out how to put this sucker in 2 ohms or if ive even got it in 2 ohms. Its a mono block amp and it pushes out 500x1 at 4 ohms and 900x1 at 2 ohms. The way i had it set up for about a year now is one subs wires (the + and - from that sub) is running to one + and one - on the amp. The other side is the same way, only on the other two terminals on the amp. The order of the terminals from left to right on the amp are as follows: - + - + Just now i wired the negatives from the subs to the far left negative on the amp, and i wired the two positives together from both subs and hooked those two the far right positive on the amp. I can tell no difference in the way i had it before (hooked to all 4 terminals). Please tell me how to at least get it into 2 ohms or the best way to wire it. Yes these subs are single voice coil. PLEASE HELP!!!

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First of all buddy Sony sucks and we dont have any mental therpist here to give you ur serious help

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There is no difference in the way you have it hooked up. The "extra" terminals on monoblock amps are just there for convenience sake. They are common to each other. Whether you hook one speaker to each terminal or both to one or a neg speaker lead to one and a pos lead to the other makes no difference. Your amp will still see 2 ohms if both your subs are 4 ohm.

And as far as Sony's "suckage factor" goes I'd say just about any amp/sub combo is better then no amp/sub combo as long as they continue to function properly.

Enjoy what you got.


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Somehow everything said so far seems fuzzy to me. I do suppose fishy that if my subs are 4 ohm then it would put the amp in 2 ohms i guess. I still would like some more opinions however im almost sure what u said is true. And bowtie ur an idiot.

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He's right, not uncommon for a mono amp to have two terminals. Convenience sake, the amp is still mono, those two terminals are connected to the output of the amp. Same as if it was just one terminal.

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Ok imagine that your amp has ONE set of teminals sticking out, ONE positive piece of metal and ONE negative, but there are TWO places to attach a speaker lead on each hunk of metal.

Ataching TWO 4 ohm subs(in parallel) to these hunks makes the amp see a 2 ohm load.

That make sense?




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that car makes me want to put a screw driver through each eye

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Why in Gods name would you go through all that trouble to built that nice of an enclosure for crap subs like those???

Crap, get some compVRs, W3v2s, shivas, or SOMETHING. That box is nice, but $hit...those subs suck a huge 1 !!!

Sony sucks, dude. Take the sticker out of the back window, it's doing more harm than good. As far as your speaker poll on your site, Audiobahn, Kenwood, Panasonic, and Rockford Fosgate speakers SUCK THE BIG ONE. Stay away, stick to the others.

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Appearantly ur all retards because ive one several 1st place events with it and am fixin to win more. You would be stupid to get W3v2s THEY SUCK BALLS!!! The rms ratings on most jl subs suck so bad they are just not made for spl PERIOD!!! And as for kicker TO expensive and i can name 10 different brands id rather have. As for speakers go Audiobahns are actually pretty nice the others i dont know about.

"Appearantly ur all retards because ive one several 1st place events with it and am fixin to win more"

This coming from an idiot that can't even wire his own subs without help. I'd love to get an easy trophy at whatever event you're competing in. You call that an SPL box, hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

"As for speakers go Audiobahns are actually pretty nice the others i dont know about."
Compared to maybe listening to a retard banging on a folding chair. Get a clue man.

What brands are Sony better than? Here goes:
10)road gear
12)funky pup

"The rms ratings on most jl subs suck so bad they are just not made for spl PERIOD!!!"

Compared to your 350W RMS Sonys? Not a lot of difference between the JL and Sony, except build quality, which JL has, and excursion, which JL also has, also SQ, which JL edges over the Sony again. Power doesn't=SPL. It's all dependant on the subwoofer design and enclosure as well, THEN power makes a difference. The W3v2 is by FAR a better sub than the Sony P5. Hence the price difference. One 13W7 can hit 150 db in a slot ported box with 1000W RMS. I can guarantee you that's much more than your two Sony subs, sorry to break it to you, that "tickling of nose hair" and head hurting that you're describing on your site is in the 120s usually. 150 db is 4x as loud as 130 db, twice as loud as 140. So, yes, JL subs can outdo your POS Sonys.

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arron...if you have won some 1st place events, then you must know what dB you are hitting. So, what is your top dB score?

also, what class are you in? and what kinda setups do you go against?

as for JL subs, they are built mainly w/ Sq in mind. not SPL.

one more thing...what is the xmech on those sony P5's?

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just as a side note, the power handling rating of a speaker doesn't have a lot to do directly with SPL.
it's a thermal rating of how much heat the coils can handle without damage.
Xmax/Xmech and cone surface area will determine more about how loud a particular sub can get, along with the type of box you use.

I have seen those P5 subs in a few cars take first place at events, but mostly smaller events without any "pro" circuit guys there against them.
When you get into sponsored systems, they tend to throw a lot more money into their systems because they're not really paying for it.

in the end, if you're happy with your car, that's all that really matters.
I like my current system even though it's not nearly the loudest one. It's clean, and a tight install. Nobody ever listens to it and complains so that's good at least. haha
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